Tips To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Serene Sanctuary

*This is a collaborative post 

 Life can get hectic when you’re a parent and you work hard. At the end of a long, busy day, there’s nothing better than walking into a serene sanctuary and getting ready to climb into bed, but what if your bedroom isn’t quite the haven you dream of? In this guide, we’ll offer some top tips to transform your boudoir into a restful retreat. 

Decluttering is a simple, effective means of creating more space, reducing stress and making tidying and cleaning easier. If you have a ‘floordrobe,’ you throw clothes on the back of a chair at the end of the day or every surface is covered, now is the time to banish clutter for good. Start by creating a series of piles of items you want to keep, donate, sell or throw away. Take a trip to the tip and find a home for anything you want to keep hold of. If you’re short on storage, you can use all kinds of innovative tricks to provide additional space. Fitted bedrooms are ideal for those who like the idea of making a focal point out of their furniture and they’re great for keeping clothes, bedding, towels and shoes out of sight. You can also opt for free-standing chests, wardrobes and units and take advantage of wall space. Using open shelving and wall-mounted units is a stylish way to display your stuff. You could also hang racks and hooks on the backs of your doors and invest in furniture that boasts hidden storage, such as beds with drawers underneath. 

Opt for soothing colours
Colours can enhance and transform the look of a room but they can also impact the feel and vibe of the space. Bedrooms should be tranquil places that make us feel calm and relaxed. If you’re thinking about painting the walls or replacing accessories, opt for tones that have a soothing, calming effect. Popular choices include pastels, neutrals, monochrome and shades of blue, purple and green. Try to avoid clashing prints or bright colours in your bedroom. If you are a fan of bolder tones, you can use accents and details to add pops of colour against muted walls. 

Use soft lighting
When you walk into your bedroom, you want to feel your shoulders drop and your heart rate slow. Lighting affects the ambience of a room and it can have a really powerful impact on your mood. Soft lighting is ideal for helping you to feel more relaxed. You can opt for a dimmable light or use lamps to create a romantic vibe.

Add cosiness
Adding texture to your bedroom is a fabulous way to create a cosy haven that looks inviting. Mix and match textures and reflect seasonal trends in the soft furnishings you choose. In the autumn and winter, for example, you can scatter faux fur, wool and velvet cushions and throws to add warmth. In the summer, go for natural fibres like cotton and linen to add cosiness while ensuring the room feels fresh. 

Is your bedroom more messy than magical? If you dream of a serene sanctuary to retreat to after a busy day, take these tips on board. Declutter, choose soothing colours, use soft lighting and add texture to create a cosy, homely feel.

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