Life Lessons Your Kids Can Learn from Old School Cartoons

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Nowadays the range of cartoons available is monumental. There are new cartoons released onto television screens each and every day. However, it is widely believed that the old school cartoons are the best. These are the cartoons that captured hearts years and years ago, yet still have the same impact on children today. Because these shows have been around for such a long time they have also been adapted into games for boys and girls. This adds another dimension of fun to the cartoon in question. Furthermore, you will find that a lot of the old school cartoons contain some valuable life lessons and thus prove to be beneficial in your child’s development. Read on to discover what the best life lessons learnt from old school cartoons are. 

Intelligence prevails
This is an important life lesson that is displayed in a whole host of cartoons and the subsequent games that can be played on the likes of a quality 144hz gaming laptop. It is a valuable life lesson because all children need to be aware of the fact that they don’t need to be the fastest or the strongest to succeed in life, you can win any battle if you use your mind. This is crucial as well because it demonstrates the importance of sticking in at school – an area that a lot of parents struggle with when it comes to their children. This is a message aptly displayed in Tom & Jerry. The cat may be bigger and stronger than the mouse; however Jerry uses his brain to outwit Tom time and time again.

Team work
Throughout life children are taught how to work together. This is a pivotal skill and is used throughout all walks of life; from sharing a ball in the playground to team based activities at work. This message is displayed in a vast selection of old school cartoons but no one showcases it quite as well as Scooby Doo. The show revolves around a gang of friends and their beloved dog as they solve mysteries. The team work together in order to solve the mystery and there is always a point whereby one of the group has to help someone in distress. There is no doubt that the team couldn’t solve the mysteries without one of their members as each brings a different quality to the table.

Bad guys never win
There is a popular saying that goes “you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar” and this is aptly displayed in the world of cartoons. Those who cause trouble or seek to cause upheaval never prevail. The good people in the cartoons always succeed. This is a concept that has been adapted in the array of games for boys and girls available today as well. Moreover, the message is displayed through a monumental number of cartoons, including; Scooby Doo, Batman, and the Powerpuff Girls. Throughout these sorts of cartoons you get baddies who try and cause trouble, yet you will be very farfetched to find any cartoons whereby the bad people actually succeed.

These three life lessons are just a mere handful of those learnt through watching different old school cartoons. Nevertheless, there is no denying that the three lessons mentioned in this article are highly valuable and they showcase just how beneficial cartoons can be to a child’s development. Therefore, when your child is watching cartoons you should encourage them to familiarise themselves with the old school cartoons still displayed on television today.

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