Relaxed Cooking Is Possible: Here’s How

*This is a collaborative post

There are times when it feels like we’re just hamsters on the wheel. We’re taking care of one task, two tasks, three tasks, and more. If you’ve got kids, then you’ll know this feeling all too well. And while there’s pride in completing the tasks, when life is chaotic, we can’t feel all that much joy during the process. But what if there was a way to enjoy the experience? Well, it’s possible! In this blog, we’re going to focus exclusively on cooking, which is something that many people rebel against, or view solely as a chore. You can make it a lot more relaxing, if you know how. Let’s take a look.

Buy With Intention
It’s one thing to be stressed out before you make a meal, but another thing to be stressed out before you make the meal. If you’re one of those people who is always thinking about what they’re going to make each night, then the solution exists at the supermarket. Or more importantly, how you approach the supermarket. With a little bit of meal prep, you can ensure that you buy all the ingredients you need. Don’t let curiosity take hold in the supermarket -- those offbeat ingredients will never get used. If you have to buy without having a specific meal in mind, make it a versatile staple that you can make with anything.

Start With a Clean Space
You can’t feel relaxed if you’re in a space that feels anything other than relaxed. The kitchen is prone to being messy, but if it’s like that before you start, then you’re not going to enjoy cooking as much as you could. So while you’ll want to keep all rooms in your house clean, you should pay extra attention to the kitchen. This means looking up some top cleaning tips for kitchen tiles, organising your cupboards, and all-around ensuring that everything’s as it should be before you start. You’ll find that it makes for a much nicer experience.

Invest In Good Tools
It’s not just the ingredients that influence the cooking experience. The tools you use to make the meal have an impact too. If you’ve been using old, ineffective knives and other tools, then you’re probably making the cooking process more difficult than it needs to be. It really can make a difference!

Clean As You Go
You might like making the meal, but you’ll dislike the overall experience if the kitchen is a mess once you’re done. As such, it’s recommended that you clean as you go, rather than leaving yourself with piles of dishes to clean after you’ve finished. Those little cleans while you’re waiting for the vegetables to cook can make a big difference. The other option is to hand over the responsibility of cleaning up to someone else in your family. After all, you did all the other work! 

You might never love cooking, but you can surely avoid hating it. Take our tips, and you’ll feel much more relaxed about the process.

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