8 Simple Ways to Make Yourself Feel Your Best

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Some days are just easier than others, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a secret to making every day just feel better? Where you can just stop waking up on the wrong side of the bed and just begin your day on the right foot? It sounds a little too unbelievable, right? Well, believe it or not, you can actually have your days go a little better, and a little easier. 

Happiness is something that needs to be cultivated, it needs to be actively pursued.  But how can you get started on this? What are some of the best ways to make yourself feel the best and to have better days? Here are some ways how!

Start each day with positive affirmations

Positive affirmations may sound a little overdone, but it’s been proven to be a very powerful method. So how exactly does it work? You just need to start every day by saying something good to yourself. Everyone is their own worst critic, people will tell negative things to themselves time and time again. It gets to the point where they will believe what they say about themselves, no matter how untrue it is.

The very same thing can also happen if you think more positively about yourself too. If you just repeat the same positive things every day, you’ll eventually begin to believe them. It may seem a bit odd, but it can make a huge impact on the way you think about yourself and your confidence. So start your day by saying good about yourself, something that you favour about yourself.  You’ll eventually become completely unstoppable thanks to your confidence.

Take care of your mental health

While positive daily affirmations are a very important aspect that you shouldn’t skip out on, there are other things you can’t forget either. That would be your mental health, your general mental health. Sometimes positive affirmations and gratitude exercises aren’t going to be enough. That’s okay, and there’s nothing wrong with you. Sometimes, the chemistry in the brain itself is just unbalanced. This lack of balance causes clinical depression and other mental illnesses. So what can be done about this?

While there isn’t a cure for mental illnesses (no matter what the type is), there are treatments. This can include talking with a therapist, taking medication, exercising, getting more sleep, getting out in the sun, having a healthy diet, or cutting out toxic relationships or habits. If you can, it’s best to seek a mental health professional who can help you. You can talk to them and they will be able to point you in the right direction of healthy treatment methods that you can try out.

Get plenty of sleep

Some nights will be far more difficult than other nights to sleep. It could be due to your environment such as the bed being uncomfortable, it’s too loud, you’re too busy, you don’t feel good, or some other reason. The average person spends one-third of their life just sleeping. While the amount of sleep will vary based on the person, on average, it’s going to be around one-third.

 Your sleep is important, it affects your mental health, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, and plenty of other aspects of health. One to two bad nights of sleep can make a huge impact on your reflexes and memory.  So this is why you need more naps. Long-term sleep deprivation can cause long-term effects such as blood pressure, low immune system, depression, weight gain, and so much more. While getting enough sleep can be tough, it’s something that you need to try and push at.

Treat yourself

Whether it’s a quick trip to the nail bar, or a full treatment, investing time in your self for can do you the world of good. Taking time out of our busy lives and making time for yourself can really boost your self-esteem, and make you feel amazing in your own skin. 
Although it’s necessary to love your self as you are, you are allowed to work on any insecurities you may also have if you want to. A little bit of attention can go a long way when it comes to boosting your spirits. Having lash extensions by a professional and you will start to feel revitalized in no time at all. 

Wear what makes you feel good

What we wear and how it’s worn is going to affect confidence. Your clothing, accessories, hair, and even your makeup are directly linked to how you express yourself. These are ways to embrace who you are, your personality, and your interests. 

So why not wear what’s going to make you feel good? Fill your closets with clothes that you love, and what makes you feel good to wear. One struggle many people have is to have plenty of clothes but nothing to wear. By having a capsule wardrobe, you’re immediately skipping out on fast-fashion trends. This means that you stick to wearing only the clothes that stay timeless, look great for the season, and are things that you absolutely love to wear.

But it doesn’t stop with just clothes. Your hair and makeup are always direct ways to show off and embrace who you are. Why not get a haircut that looks good? Dye your hair if you think it’ll push your confidence. As for makeup, why not search for high-quality cosmetics online that are sure to make you look good? Just try to look into things that you know will make you look good, if you look good, you’re going to feel good as well.

Cut out processed foods

If you’re wanting to look better and feel better, then one of the secrets is going to be eating better. Have you ever eaten something healthy like a salad and felt bad afterward? Chances are, you haven’t.  What about eating something very fatty such as a burger? You’ve most likely had, right? Junk food has a way of not only making you feel guilty for eating them, but you just feel physically bad in general. Junk food hardly has any nutritious value, and too much junk food is known for causing major health complications such as diabetes or health disease.

Eating whole foods, specifically, foods high in fiber is going to be a sure-fire way to make yourself feel better. Your digestive system is going to have a lot of movement. You’re going to feel full a lot longer, which means you’ll eat less. You’re also going to have a lot more energy and less fatigue by swapping to eating whole foods. There are plenty of recipes out there for whole foods as well, so it’s not like you’re just stuck eating a salad every day.

Take some time for yourself

When it comes to self-care, it’s more than just eating ice cream in the bathtub. It’s about taking care of yourself and not neglecting your mental health. If you have a busy schedule such as being overflooded with work from your job or raising kids, then you’re going to need to have some time to yourself. What better way than to practice some escapism. 

Just push off your to-do list, and relax. Just do something you’ve been wanting to do for a while such as read a book, watch a movie, or try that new hobby.  While it’s very important to be productive, sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is to just skip out on being productive and do nothing.

Stay creative

It’s important to try and stay creative daily, if possible. Creativity is often a direct link to wellbeing and a person's mood. This doesn’t mean that you need to write a novel, or paint a masterpiece. But it does mean that you shouldn’t be afraid to just push yourself to have some creative hobbies. This can include doodling, sketching, painting, sewing, knitting, colouring, cooking, and so much more. Just get in touch with your creative side. It’s a lot of fun and it can be a great way to give yourself some fun time or even use this as a way to have some fun with your family.

Get active

Giving yourself the chance to get active can do wonders. Exercising allows endorphins to be released, plus you’ll physically feel better from exercising too. 

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