4 Ideas To Turn Your Garden Into a Dreamy Summer Retreat

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According to recent statistics, in the UK, over 75% of households have access to a private garden. During the past two years, these private outdoor spaces, lawns, gardens, and patios became important places of solace and recreation for most families around the country. 

But now that the pandemic is over and we all have a choice of enjoying activities outside the house, you should not let your garden area unkept or uncared for. 

Now that summer is near, the days are getting longer, and the temperature is increasing, it might be the best time to get your garden ready for the upcoming months of sun, BBQ, and parties. Here are a few unmissable tips. 

Build a Gazebo or a Patio

Building a gazebo, veranda, patio, or pergola is the best way to utilise your garden all year around. 

A custom made construction can shelter yourself and your guests from the strong summer sun or afternoon rain. Additionally, if you are planning to host summer parties or BBQs, a gazebo creates the perfect space to have your meals. 

If you are looking for a way to enhance your outside area, opting for a gazebo or patio can have more than one benefit. Aside from adding livable square footage to your property, you can keep costs low by opting for oak framed garage kits that you can buy online

Create Dedicated Areas

No matter whether you have a large garden to play with, or you wish to make your small backyard more livable, the key to creating the perfect summer retreat is to dedicate different areas to different uses. For example, you might have a BBQ area to enjoy with your friends and family members, a reading nook to retreat to on a quiet evening, or even a woman cave  - or a space for self care!

Opportunities are nearly endless, and you can make the most of even a tiny green area!

Learn the Principles of Landscaping

Creating a harmonious landscape is harder than you’d think! Without the right knowledge, you might end up with mismatched flower beds, not enough space to enjoy the upcoming afternoon, and plans that are not suitable to your climate!

Instead, before planning your dream summer garden, consider learning more about the principles of landscape design. These include balance, proportion, and focalisation - but there is much more you need to know before getting started. If in doubt, consider partnering with an experienced gardener or landscaper who can help you optimise your home’s outside area. 

Decorate With Nature

It goes without saying that looking after a garden is far more complex than arranging a fake grass carpet over a concrete surface. But, no matter how long it’ll take you to design the dream garden, you should not give up! 

A thriving, alive garden can boost your home’s curb appeal and create a calming, peaceful retreat for everyone in the family. Unsure how to make it more livable? Plant flowers, start your vegetable garden, cultivate herbs, or invest in shrubs. 

Don’t forget to decorate with outdoor lights and the right furniture - after all, a beautiful garden is there to be lived and enjoyed!

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