5 Things To Talk To Your Teenager About

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Whether your child is 8 months old, or 18 years old, they are probably still your baby. And if they live under your roof as older teenagers, they still have to play by the house rules. But entering that tricky time between teenage-hood and becoming an adult can be difficult for both your child and you as a parent. Here are 5 open conversations you can have with your child when they are a teenager.

Preparing Them For University

If your child is going to university, it can be hard not to worry about them. But it’s an important part of their journey into adulthood to let them navigate uni on their own. You could check in with them and see if they need any help, or work out where they need financial support. It’s usually items like student accommodation where you might need to step in as this is not always covered by student loans. 

Showing You Trust Them

Teenagers are still children (unless they’re 18) but do need and want some increased independence as they grow up. Showing you trust them is going to be an important part of your relationship as they grow up. In the long run, giving them some independence can also benefit you, as they may be less likely to rebel. Saying that, though, if they do violate your trust then it’s important to talk about this too.


Another part of trust is giving your kids some privacy. They are naturally going to want to spend some time away from you as they grow up. This is a healthy part of being a teenager and is going to turn them into more independent, resilient adults. Set some healthy boundaries around privacy that both you and your teen can respect.


Teenagers are constantly going through an emotional rollercoaster. Bad moods are par for the course as they navigate puberty, complex emotions and new relationships. If your teenager does seem particularly sad or moody for long periods of time, make sure you check in with them and ask if they’re doing okay. Try not to be judgemental, and accept they might not be ready to talk to you right away.

Life Skills

Basic life skills are going to be a huge benefit to your teenager when they become an adult. Teach them basics like easy recipes and how to cook things like pasta. Show them how to do their own washing and make sure they don’t just watch you do it. Help them set up a bank account and learn about budgeting. Ultimately, teaching your kids these essential skills is going to help them as they become adults.

Accept They’re Growing Up

It can be hard to accept that your child is growing up. But helping them gain independence as a teenager is going to assist them when navigating both university and adult life. Teaching them life skills, respecting their privacy and developing trust is going to benefit your children well into the future.

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