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Fun Summer Games From Jaques of London

As you may already know, I'm a huge fan of Jaques of London products. With a huge range of educational, learning, and outdoor toys and games, they are the oldest games company in the world! Passed down through generation to generation, they have been making wonderful, high quality toys and games since 1795. 
When I was kindly given the opportunity to review a few more of their fantastic products, I couldn't say no! They have such a huge range of delightful wooden products, which is why I love the company so much. Each product is so high quality, sturdy, long lasting, beautiful and not to mention - so much better for the environment. 

Snakes and Ladders & Ludo
Snakes and Ladders & Ludo Jaques of London Review

Snakes and Ladders & Ludo Jaques of London Review

Before I go onto the product itself, how much do you know about the game Snakes and Ladders? It was originally played in Ancient India, then in 1892 it made it's way to Victorian England and was revamped as a newer version by John Jaques!

This gorgeous Snakes and Ladder game is made of high quality, chunky, solid wood. No flimsy, cardboard games here! Not only is the board made of wood, but each playing piece and even the dice are made of wood too. 

Plus, if you flip the board over, it has another classic game - Ludo, on the back! Two wonderful, timeless games in one. The presentation of the product is absolutely gorgeous. It arrives beautifully wrapped in traditional Jaques of London paper, inside a box, wrapped with a bow. The puzzle pieces all come in a handy fabric, drawstring bag to keep them safe. 

My children absolutely love board games, and are always begging me to play too. They are a great way to spend quality time together as a family, increasing a whole number of skills - taking turns, communication, problem solving and counting too. 

Such a gorgeous looking, high quality product, a real game to treasure and pass down through generations. Absolutely perfect. 10/10/!

Count and Stack - Kids Counting Game
Count & Stack Jaques of London Review

The Count and Stack puzzle game is a great Montessori toy and has been a huge hit with my youngest. It's a wonderful, wooden learning toy for young children to teach them an array of skills, from recognising numbers, counting, colour recognition and fine motor skills too. 

Count and Stack is again, a really high quality product, made of solid, sturdy wood - ideal for little hands and fingers to use. The numbers are also wood, but the little rings are plastic (which slightly disappointed me, I must admit) but it doesn't take away from the fact that this is really such a lovely, educational toy. 

My youngest is three and she absolutely loves puzzles, and she's really good at them - this toy feels like the next step in puzzles. It's adding additional skills to learn too. 

It was again packaged in a similar way, wrapped in Jaques printed paper, in a cardboard box, beautifully wrapped with a bow. 

Again, I am very impressed with the quality of the Jaques of London toys. Just as beautiful as ever, sturdy, robust and reasonably priced. Bright, colourful, well built, wooden and packaged in an environmentally friendly way - you really can't go wrong. 

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