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Jaques Of London Toy Review
Jaques of London is the oldest games company in the world. Passed down generation to generation, father to son for six whole generations, they have created and established a successful family business inventing and making toys since 1795!

Honestly, I can see why they have been so successful, their products are absolutely perfect. With a huge range of lovely toys and games to choose from, each item as wonderful as the next! The items from Jacques of London are also designed by UK teachers, which means you know they are not only going to be educational, but fun and colourful too!

I actually reviewed a few items for my Christmas gift guide last year, and was so impressed I could not wait to see what their other products were like!

Small Wooden Blocks
Jaques Of London Toy Review Small Wooden Blocks

This is a fab set of colourful Building Blocks for kids, in a slightly smaller size than your average building blocks. I think that's why I love them so much! They are 2cm wide which makes them ideal for children 3 and older, saying that, my two year old absolutely loves them, I am always watching her when she plays with them though.

The blocks come in blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and blue and the colours are so beautiful and vibrant. They are painted using water based paint which makes them safer for children. 

Jaques Of London Toy Review Small Wooden Blocks

The blocks are really high quality, all exactly the same size and I love that you can clearly see the wood grain through the colours. They are all smooth with no rough edges or corners and they are definitely hardwearing (My youngest is at a 'throwing toys' stage!). 

Plus they are super lightweight and easy to clear up in the lovely fabric drawstring bag they came in. These bricks would make a wonderful, plastic free gift idea for any little one!

Reversible Craft Kit
Jaques Of London Toy Review Reversible Craft Kit

Since we began homeschooling, my littlest has been absolutely obsessed with magnets and whiteboards, so for her to have her own is amazing. This craft kit is a really fantastic toy, yet such a simple concept. It is in theory a box, with chalks, a whiteboard pen and magnets inside. The 'lid' of the box comes off and one side is a whiteboard - perfect for sticking magnets on and creating pictures, or drawing use the whiteboard pen. The other side of the lid is a chalkboard, for drawing with the chalks that come in the set.

That's not all though, oh no. The 'lid' can be propped up in the box, as seen in the image above to create more of an easel for children to use. It's a fab idea!

Myself and my littlest are definitely big fans of this kit, it's so much fun! We love the variety of magnets included, from trees to animals and even funny faces, it's designed so well for younger children.

Jaques Of London Toy Review Reversible Craft Kit

The accessories and the box itself are really good quality and the box is a great sturdy piece of storage to hold all the items when not in use. 

My youngest has just started becoming interested in more creative activities and I am always on the look out for educational, yet fun Toys for girls - so this set is absolutely perfect.

I am very impressed with both of these toys from Jaques of London, as I knew I would be. Everything item I have seen from them is as perfect, high quality and nice to look at as the last. I will definitely be purchasing from their site next time I need a gift for a little one!

One last little thing I simply have to mention, is the gorgeous way their products are wrapped. Each item comes in it's own strong cardboard box, wrapped with a beautiful bow. It looks so personal and hand wrapped - a really lovely touch!

If you are looking for a gift for a loved one, I definitely recommend checking out Jaques of London, and here's a 15% discount code just for you!

Have you ever bought anything from Jaques of London? 

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