Monthly Favourites - August 2022

This month I am bringing back my Monthly Favourites! 

I love to read about what other people have been loving this past month, and their recommendations, whether it's skincare, homeware, books, clothing or anything else! I like to share products and places that I have been loving over the past month! 

*Products were sent for review, post contains affiliate links 


Arran Sense Of Scotland - Just Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

The Just Grapefruit Reed Diffuser is just as gorgeous and fruity scented. I love reed diffusers as they help create a pleasant aroma throughout the day - perfect for high traffic areas of your home! Again it's packaged in a lovely glass bottle, inside a tin. I've used many reed diffusers in the past and with many, the scent doesn't last long or simply isn't strong enough, but I think Arran products will be my go to! A beautiful, elegant, strong - but not overpowering scent.

Sprout Pencils

I was super excited to try out these pencils, you'll never guess what makes them so unique! They are in fact, the world's first plantable pencil! How cool is that? You just use them as a normal pencil, and once you've used them used, you plant the end of them and seeds will grow! Such a fab idea. There are many different plants available, and they are eco friendly, non toxic and biodegradable. Plus, every time a tree is harvested to make the pencils, another tree is planted.

As a homeschool family, we use a lot of pencils (and honestly, I much prefer writing in pencil than pen!), so these are just ideal for us. There are many different packs available, I was sent the 'Spread The Love' set with sweet motivational quotes on the pencils, and the 'Happy Bee' set with bee friendly flower, herb and vegetable seeds. I LOVE THESE.

Available from Sprout and Amazon 


The Unicorn Who Came To Breakfast

The Unicorn Who Came To Breakfast is a fab new book from Emma Adams and Mike Byrne. It's a funny, laugh out loud book about a particularly excitable and silly unicorn who come to visit a little boy. With lots of mischief and lots of snacks, the unicorn, dad and son get up to a lot of fun on a miserable rainy day! A fun, colourful book for all children - particularly if they love unicorns!

Available from Scholastic and Amazon

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

I remember reading this a child, it's fab! This year they have brought out a revamped, celebratory 45th Anniversary edition! It's about a lighthouse keeper whose wife sends over his lunch everyday via a pulley - but then seagulls come along and start stealing the food. The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch is an iconic story by David and Ronda Armitage. The story is told with warmth and humour, and the illustrations are beautiful. A fab tale for all generations - a real classic.

Available from Scholastic and Amazon

The Day I Got Trapped In My Brain

The Day I Got Trapped In My Brain is a fab story, all about a girl Frankie, with a big imagination! She has a world in her head called 'Thoughtopolis' and one day she gets trapped there! It's a funny, quirky, meaningful and exciting book, children of all ages will love it. Magical and charming, a really fun read! 

Available from Scholastic and Amazon

TV and Movies

I've been binge watching a lot of series recently, I go through phases of watching films or tv shows.

I'd heard lots of good things about this show, and I'm a huge fan of Martin Freeman, and I do love Daisy Haggard too. Plus, I'm a sucker for family/motherhood tv shows. It's one of the most realistic parenting shows (even more so than Motherland, and I love that too) - it's funny and honest, but it's not all light hearted - but life isn't either. I think that's what makes it so good. Definitely recommend.

The Sinner
I had previously watched the first series, but I decided to give it another go. It's a crime drama, but each series has a big twist, one which you probably won't guess too easily! The show follows the main detective as he travels to different destinations, solving different mysteries. A really good crime show, a little unrealistic, but it's a good watch!

Doctor Who
I used to love Doctor Who, I watched all of the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant episodes and most of the Matt Smith episodes and then gave up! I decided to give it another go and I've nearly watched it all up the current series. I cannot wait for Ncuti Gatwa! He's gonna be AMAZING.


Geomag E-Motion Panels 32 pc Magnetic Construction Set

E-Motion Panels Magnetic Construction Set is a new kit from Geomag. I am personally a big fan of Geomag, it's a lot of fun! I remember my younger brother having a few sets when he was a child and it's such a creative, exciting construction toy. This set uses strength and energy to encourage you to build suspended models and crazy spinning tops! What I personally love about all Geomag toys is the fact that no batteries or electricity is required, it's all about imagination, construction and science. It's educational and fun!

Available from Amazon

Mini Greenhouse Kit from Dantoy

Dantoy is a wonderful Danish Brand selling sustainable, environmentally friendly toys, made from bio plastic. This very set is made of 90% sugar cane! How cool is that! This gorgeous toy is a mini greenhouse, where children can grow, care for and harvest their own play food! It's such a versatile toy and will help encourage children to use their imagination and increase their knowledge about growing plants.

Available from Dantoy and Amazon


Denim Smock Dress from Primark

I recently treated myself to a new dress from Primark and I love it! So comfy and the elastic all sits in the right place - plus it's so frilly and girly. Love it. Unfortunately it has now decided to become winter outside, so I might need to buy some tights! Haha.

Days Out

Barleymows Maize Maze

We visited Barleymows again this year, as we have been a few times before - it's so much fun! With a tall maize maze, a farm shop, a cafĂ©, and loads of outdoor activities, it's great! There are trampolines, slides, go karts, play houses, and farm animals, it's a fab place to visit for all the family. 

 Read my previous review of Barleymows here.

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