How To Keep A Tidy Home As A Growing Family

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 It’s important that when it comes to a growing family, your home is adapting to it. Keeping a tidy home is important because it keeps all minds within the home, feeling calm and relaxed. The home should be a space to relax in, rather than for it to cause any anxious thoughts. 

With that being said, here are some helpful tips to help keep a tidy home as a growing family - even though it’s easier said than done sometimes!

Do a regular declutter
Decluttering is definitely something that’s worth doing regularly, especially as a lot of clutter can build up over time. It’s something that will only increase in regularity when it comes to growing a family.

Decluttering can be quite therapeutic too so if you’ve noticed that things are becoming a little more cramped around the home, it might be down to the clutter that’s building more and more over time.

Get better household storage so everything has a home
Household storage is important and it’s necessary to ensure every item in the home has a place of its own. Rather than some items being on the floor or being in a random drawer, it’s good to have an organised space.

With that being said, think about getting some better household storage where you can. Think plastic boxes to furniture that doubles up as a storage option.

Put any belongings into storage
If you’re lacking storage and you don’t want to chuck out some of your belongings due to lack of space, then it’s definitely worth looking into self-storage. Kiwi storage is just one of many options for putting your belongings away in a self-contained unit.

These self-storage options are good value for money and they provide a space that is likely more secure than your own home. This is great for items of furniture or belongings that are high value or have sentimental value that would be hard to replace if they got lost or stolen.

Put an organised cleaning schedule in place
An organised cleaning schedule is extremely beneficial when you’re trying to keep a tidy space. This should be something that includes all of the household, even the younger kids. Learning how to keep a tidy room or surroundings are life skills that every person can benefit from.

With that in mind, set up a regular cleaning schedule that’s somewhere in view of the household so cleaning can be tracked efficiently.

Spruce as you go
It’s important to try and spruce as you go, as this helps save a lot of effort at weekends to clean the house from top to bottom. A little bit of cleaning here and there will help keep on top of the cleaning in general. Try to spend around five or ten minutes a day, doing a little spruce up somewhere in the home. Whether it’s the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, it’s all useful.

Keeping a tidy home is a healthy contribution to the household and the environment you have.

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