Revamping Girls Bedroom With A Rainbow Theme

Girls Rainbow Themed Bedroom

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It's been a long time since my children have had their own space. My youngest has never had her own space, and although my two girlies share a room now, it's a space that just belongs to them. 

We have recently moved house as our old house was so cramped and tiny, all five of us were in one bedroom and we just had no room for anything. No way to make it even look like a bedroom, it was awful. So when we moved into our new house, I couldn't wait to give my children their own spaces. Personalised to their tastes, filled with the things they love, a safe haven.

We wanted to let our littles ones decide on the "theme" or colour scheme of their rooms, and my girlies went with a colourful, rainbow theme. (My boy went with an Avengers theme, but we'll discuss that at another time). 

Girls Rainbow Themed Bedroom
When I'm planning a big project, I like to get everything ready so I can get it done all at once. In this case, I wanted to get the room done in an afternoon, so it would be a surprise for my girls. 

Starting With A Mood Board
With an project or decor idea, Pinterest comes to the rescue. I like to spend a little while creating a massive mood board on Pinterest, with all the pretty things. (I tend to use Pinterest as inspiration, as opposed to a place to shop, as often I can do things cheaper!) Plus, Pinterest is an amazing resource when it comes to wall art. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I bought wall art, not when I have access to free printable on Pinterest, and a decent printer!

Adding The Furnishings
Girls Rainbow Themed Bedroom

Now it's time to get started! I changed my girls bedding to this super adorable set from Amazon. The set is reversible too, with a sun/rainbow print on one side, and a cute striped print on the other side. Really gorgeous quality, and so pretty. A really lovely way to revamp your Children's Beds

Girls Rainbow Themed Bedroom

This gorgeous Large Wall Hanging Rainbow is from Room To Grow, and it really is a lovely eye-catching piece of decor. Made from organic cotton, it is lovely and soft to touch - adding a sweet, delicate touch to any room. The colours are beautiful, muted and pastel shades, but it goes well with either other pastel shades or more vibrant, bright colours too.
Girls Rainbow Themed Bedroom

The rainbow is really lovely quality, and a very decent size too - I'm sure you can agree, it looks gorgeous displayed on a blank wall as the main focal point! A gorgeously chunky and beautiful piece of art decor. Love it.

How about some adorable fairy lights to add a little cosy touch? These super cute Rainbow Pom Pom Fairy Lights from Room To Grow are just perfect. 

In gorgeous vibrant colours, these pom pom lights look just as adorable off as they do on! But they do make an extra cute, cosy touch when it's night time. They are really well made, and so fluffy! Also, I really love that these lights come with the option to use batteries, or plug in, and you can change it up at anytime. I went with batteries because of the placement, and they just look so cute. I'm very impressed, as were my girls!

Girls Rainbow Themed Bedroom

The Finish Touches
When my eldest was little, she used to have a whole wall in her room covered with cute prints and wall art, and I loved it so much. So I wanted to re-do that again, now that she's older and can appreciate it. Using lots of different free printables from Pinterest, as well as cards and art pieces I had saved, I started working on a little art display - that can be added to again and again. 

Girls Rainbow Themed Bedroom

This adorable Rainbow Bedroom Light from Petite Amelie would make a beautiful addition to any child's bedroom or nursery! It would suit any theme or colour scheme as it's a gentle gold colour. A really beautiful nightlight, or even just as a statement piece of decor.

Girls Rainbow Themed Bedroom

Lastly, this freaking cute "You Are Our Rainbow On A Cloudy Day" Print from Pug Pup Prints. We actually reviewed it a long time ago, and it is still a treasured piece in my little ones bedroom. The print is really excellent quality and the colours are so bright and vibrant!

Girls Rainbow Themed Bedroom

What do you think of their little bedroom makeover? Which item is your favourite?

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