Life Skills You Can Teach at Homeschool That They Don't Teach in Schools

Life Skills You Can Teach at Homeschool That They Don't Teach in Schools

We all know it's crucial for our little ones to learn more than just the ABC's and 123's. And I'm sure you are also aware of the struggles as an adult if you aren't taught something as a child. I know I am! I struggle using scissors now, and anything about money - well let's just say it takes me a while to understand! Hahaha. Now this is through no fault of my parents or even my schools. They teach what they are told to teach! I'm talking about the skills that aren't always on the curriculum but are essential for creating well-rounded humans.

Now, don't get me wrong; traditional schools are fantastic at many things. But, there's a certain magic in homeschooling – the freedom to revamp your child's education to their unique needs, So, let's explore some life skills that you can easily include into your homeschooling routine.

Practical Household Skills

Life Skills You Can Teach at Homeschool That They Don't Teach in Schools

I'm going to be honest, for my children I do tend to follow the national curriculum, but I also pick and choose what topics I feel they will personally benefit from. For example, fractions, percentages, multiplications - all good! Algebra or trigonometry - not so much, and besides, I couldn't teach them if I tried! Haha.

But we always do use maths on a daily basis as an adult, particularly when managing our finances. Introducing little ones to the world of budgeting, saving and basic finance are all great skills to teach your children (and not to mention the fact, sometimes I need a refresher!)

Aside from Maths, there are many other household skills that are important to teach too. From cooking to meal planning, cleaning and organisation too! Yes, I know, it can be hugely stressful to allow your little to help you prepare meals, but just remember, its greatly beneficial to them!

Communication and Social Skills

Beyond the workbooks, effective communication is very important. Teaching your children how to listen and conflict resolution are such important life skills.

Empathy and how to deal with their emotions and building healthy relationships are hugely important too, and I must admit, it's nice to see that more and more children are being taught these in their generation, something that absolutely lacks in my generation, I feel, unfortunately. But it's never too late to learn!

Time Management and Productivity

Life Skills You Can Teach at Homeschool That They Don't Teach in Schools

Time flies when you are juggling homeschooling, being a homemaker, work - surely you have mastered some time management skills along the way! Share those secrets with your little ones. Scheduling, prioritising, procrastination and goal setting, not to mention the joy of smashing those goals! Amazing life lessons to be teaching your children!

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

It's a fantastic idea to encourage creative problem solving, research skills, following instructions and decision making too. These skills will serve your kids so well in adulthood!

Self-Care and Well-being

Life Skills You Can Teach at Homeschool That They Don't Teach in Schools

In the crazy, fast paced world, it's way too easy to forget about self care, and your own personal wellbeing. Teach your little ones the importance of physical and mental health through exercise and self care routines.

Recognising stress, managing anxiety, expressing gratitude and building resilience are absolutely the building blocks of a happy, balanced life.

Digital Skills and Online Safety

I don't know about you, but I wasn't brought up with the internet. The most I had was The Sims on PC that took about 4 hours to load, or later teen years when I discovered MSN messenger. Haha.

But nowadays, it's completely different. It is the digital age, and using technology to your advantage is a skill your children will need to know - so it's important to teach them to stay safe. Educating your children on internet safety as well as deciphering information online.

DIY Skills

Life Skills You Can Teach at Homeschool That They Don't Teach in Schools

Getting those little tiny hands dirty with some DIY projects! It encourages creativity, resourcefulness and sustainability too. Whether it's inflating bike tyres or putting up a little shelf, it's great to get your little ones involved!

After all, homeschooling isn't just about worksheets and days out, it's about preparing our little ones for independence. By nurturing these life skills we are shaping our children to be resilient, compassionate and capable grown ups, who will be ready to take on the world.

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