Why Being A Mum Is Tough - But Totally Worth It {Free Printable}

Being a mum isn't easy, but you didn't really expect it to be did you? It's tough! Sure, some days it's lovely, perfect, wonderful. Everything you dreamt it would be. Your little ones listen to you, there's no fighting or arguing. There's lots of fun to be had and everyone's getting along great. You think to yourself, yup, this - this is what I signed up for
Other days it's a massive ball of stress that just keeps building up and up until you need to explode. The days when no one listens to you, all you can hear is whinge whinge, ''he hit me', 'I don't want that'. Constant mess, and little koala's hanging off your legs as you desperately try to make a cup of tea. 
When we feel like we might breakdown, and you just need to pop upstairs and have a little cry. Alone.

Sometimes it isn't always rainbows and sparkles. It's tough being a mum.
A never ending job - no vacations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, every year. It's hard. No matter how much experience you have, no matter your age, wealth, how many children you have, it's hard for everyone at some point. It's not easy all the time for anyone.
If I knew before hand, how hard it was going to be, would I do it again? 

If I knew beforehand how hard being a mum would be, Would I do it again?
Being a mum completely changes the way you see the world. 

Your children don't mean to wind you up with the constant mess, and the whinging. The koala climbing skills up your legs or the fighting. They need you to show them the ways of the world, the right ways to behave. They need the love and devotion only you as a parent can give. They need you.

You have the love the cheer them up when they're down. You have to motivation to give them everything they need.

No, it isn't easy being a mum, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Being A Mum Is Tough, But Totally Worth It.
So..on the days when you are struggling, remember you've got this.  


MaBelleVie said...

No truer word spoken!
So very true!!
Remember, you're doing an amazing job, never forget that!! :)

Unknown said...

I think some people don't talk about it for fear of being judged. No one wants to look like they are not coping. But we shouldn't feel like that!

Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

Laura x x x

Sarah said...

Thank you lovely. :)
Yeah I know, but its kinda sad that we can't talk about it. Everyone goes through it, yet its taboo to talk about. :/

Unknown said...

Very true! I've been posting about how hard motherhood is recently because I'm fed up with it being perceived as fun and easy! It's bloody hard!! But also the most rewarding thing you can ever do in your life. Great post xx #SundayStars

Life-As-Mum said...

Love this post. It's a shame no one talks about the tough times, and if we do then we laugh it off! We all need a cry now and then or everyday!
Even though it's hard work, we're mad enough to do it all over again!
Worth it at the end of the day



Unknown said...

You're a fab mum Sarah XXXX

Unknown said...

I am so glad you wrote this. Most of us don't really chat about this stuff but it is so tough being a mum at times. Having a cry is really the best thing to do somedays. Thanks for writing it. Kirsten http://www.theguiltfreeguide.co.uk/

Unknown said...

I totally agree with this point. Being a mum is the hardest job ever! But it's all I want to do for ever. Thanks for sharing #sundaystars

Anonymous said...

Yay for honesty :) #twinklytuesday I'll be a first time mum very soon and i'm so excited and nervous but knowning we're all int he same boat with the bad and good days makes it less daunting!

Charlotte said...

Nope it isn't easy it is hard work but everyday is different and I wouldn't trade it for anything #TheList

Rebecca U said...

so very true! It is very challenging at times - good job they're cute ;) #thelist

Unknown said...

After nearly three years of parent blogging I'd have to say that actually loads of people talk about the difficult bits of parenting (in the blogosphere) but frankly as a new parent for the first time the negative parts were a massive shock and you can understand completely where PND comes from. It's interesting that we would all say the same thing though - despite the worst bits we would never turn back the clock if it meant not having our gorgeous children in our lives. Thanks so much for linking up to #thetruthabout again Sarah X