Make The Most Of Spring & Get Inspired

Make The Most Of Spring & Get Inspired

Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, the air smells like freshly cut grass and the birds are chirping. Spring symbolises new beginnings, renewal, a time to start fresh. Of course it brings it own joys and challenges, but it really can be such an uplifting and motivating time of year! Are you ready to appreciate the beautiful and embrace the new season? There are plenty of things to do this Spring, even with this unpredictable weather we've been having!

Personally, I love Spring! Not quite as much as Autumn, in fact I feel they are quite the opposite, but both are times of change. Time to appreciate the beauty in the world, and celebrate everything it has to offer. 

Here are a few suggestions of ways to really make the most of Spring time, and take care of yourself in the process!

Plant Flowers

Get your garden ready for summer and get planting, sprinkle some wild flower seeds, turn your whole front garden into a meadow if you fancy it! Or maybe just plant a few bulbs in a pot by your door. Gardening has many benefits, not only is it good for the earth, or your physical health - but it's good for your mental health too! Digging in the dirt releases healthy bacteria in the soil that can reduce anxiety and increase serotonin levels! Plus, its helps relieve stress too. And, of course, flowers are pretty!

Go For A Walk

If it's rainy, put on a coat. If it's sunny, pop your sunglasses on. Go for a nice long stroll, somewhere beautiful & quiet, take in all your surroundings. You could either go for a lovely family walk, or if you need some time to yourself - pop your earphones in, put your favourite playlist on and just switch off for a while. Again, walking is not only good for you, physically but it can really improve your mood! 

Wear Something Spring-y

Pop on that gorgeous flowery dress you've been saving, do your make up a different way, perhaps paint your nails a gorgeous pastel shade! Add a flower crown, and you're good to go. Sometimes self care can be something as simple as decided to do your makeup a little different that day, or put in a little more effort in your appearance, just to make yourself feel good. But just remember, take your wellies. Spring weather can be, unpredictable to say the least! Haha.

Spring Self Care

Decorate Your Home For Spring

The perfect way to brighten your mood and get Spring inspired is by adding a few seasonal touches to your home! Spring always seems to be a time for a bit of a refresh anyway, so why not have a bit of a Spring clean spruce and add a few new pieces of home decor. Add some pops of colour with a few blankets or throws, a bouquet of fresh flowers or a new houseplant perhaps? You could even rearrange your shelves, or furniture! 

Create A Spring Collage/Vision Board

One of the most successful ways of motivating yourself, getting your act together and figuring out exactly what it is you want, is to create a vision board! Is there a more perfect time to plan your goals and get a fresh start, than the start of Spring? Once you've figured out your goals, flick through magazines, or browse Pinterest for some gorgeous photos! Make a beautiful collage and pop it on your wall, for you to look at when you need a little boost of inspiration!

Make A Spring Craft

Expressing your creativity and making things is good for the soul! I love making things, but the thing I struggle with the most, is coming up with ideas. That's why seasonal crafts are always a good idea! Whether you want to make something colourful to brighten up your home, or maybe something to spruce up your outside space. There's so many ideas floating around the internet, and make something for your home, or for you, or for any reason what so ever!  

Do you find any of these ideas helpful?
How do you get Spring Inspired?


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Purposeful Habits said...

I like decorate your home for Spring because when you walk around the house, or come back home it gives that light Springy feel to it. I also love to dress Springy when the weather allows! It is raining here right now, but hopefully the sun will be out later today.

Sarah said...

I agree, love that feeling! Cant wait to be able to wear less layers! x