Baby Items You Can't Live Without!

Everyone is different, and every parent has a few items that are essential in their home. With so much baby items available, things that are labelled 'a must have'. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, or panic buying everything and spending far too much!
So myself, and a few other bloggers wanted to share with you a few baby items we couldn't live without!
Baby Wipes
One of my essential items would definitely be baby wipes. My little ones aren't even babies any more, and they are still a must buy! They are so many uses for them. Nappy changes, wiping faces, wiping hands. Dusting, cleaning up spills. Tame frizzy hair, wiping high chairs! Seriously, people don't know what they are missing! :)

Bouncy Chairs
No one can hold their newborn babies 24/7, and when my little ones were tiny, they wouldn't even sleep in their cots, so for a while I was honestly holding them 24 hours a day sometimes! (We co-slept too). Then I discovered  bouncy chairs and never looked back! They are handy for when you need to do a quick tidy up, make a cuppa or just need to chill out for a few minutes. 

Now this isn't really an item to buy but...
Don't really need to explain myself here do I? :)
For feeding, soothing, calming, snuggling, distracting! My personal #1 baby essential!

Here's what some other parents said!

"Stair Gates!
To keep the child contained, other wise I would be running around like a mad head. We have one on either door leading out of our front room." Jessica @ Beauties & The Bibs

"Muslin Cloths!
We took two or three everywhere with us, as they're just so handy for burping, cleaning up dribbles and sick etc! You can never have enough muslins! Emma @ Sophie Ella and Me

My babies slept so much better when they were put to bed in one instead of blankets, plus they are safer! Becci @ The UnNatural Mother

"Cupboard & Drawer Door Magnets!
They're so much more discreet than some of the other cupboard latches and locks, and don't ruin the look of your furniture, and they actually work! Megan @ Seek My Scribbles

Do you agree with any of our baby essentials list? 
What would be on yours?

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