Off On An Adventure!

A few weeks ago, the little ones and I decided to go on a little adventure.
Sometimes it's hard, when you don't drive, to find different places to go or places to explore! I love going on little adventures and properly having a look around your area, discovering new places!
We went out for a walk, quite a long way down a hill from our house, looking for this mysterious "waterfall". It was surprisingly quite a bit further than I had anticipated, but we were having fun, so it doesn't matter! I did have to ask for directions towards the end as we were getting a bit lost.

Finally when we reached the bottom of the hill, we discovered a little woodland footpath, it was so cute and pretty. I love woodland walks, and my little girlie had fun being able to run free and discover it for herself!

We had a little rest at the top of the woodland walk. Poor tired little legs!

We then continued walking a bit more and discovered what we were looking for!
The "Waterfall"! (I realise this isn't a waterfall, I honestly can't remember what it is called, but it makes it more exciting calling it a waterfall)!

Isn't it just so beautiful and calming to look at?

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