10 Ways In Which I Am Rocking Motherhood

So the general idea of this tag is to list 10 ways you feel you are rocking motherhood. You read that, you may think, that's easy. Only 10 things, I can totally do that. Truth is, focusing on positive things is a lot harder than you think. We tend to focus on what we are doing wrong, not things we are amazing at, so that's what this tag is all about. Focusing on the ways we are great! I was tagged by the awesome Vicki, and I have tagged a few amazing momma's at the end of the post. 

* I love my babies more than the entire world, and I tell them every day.
Honestly, I love them so much it hurts. I make sure I tell them I love them all day, every day. I cuddle them and kiss them and tell them I love them so much. (Some people may say too much, but I adamantly believe you can't tell anyone too much). I hope they know how much I really do love them. I didn't know I could love this much.

* I will gladly watch Disney movies with them all day long.
My little ones and I share a love of Disney movies. Especially now as my little girlie is older, and she's really getting in to them. We often spend Sundays not really doing much, snuggling on the sofa and watching movies. 

* I am there when they need me, any time of day or night.
Their bedroom is just across the hall, and we sleep with our doors open, so they can happily jump into my bed in the middle of the night. Or I'll wake up and bring them in with me, and snuggle them to sleep. 

* I offer cuddles on demand. All day long.
My little girlie says "I wanna give you a big squeeeeeze and a great big smooch!"
We are a very cuddly and affectionate family, and it's just the best feeling in the world. 

* I breastfed them both past 18 months
This is not a dig at anyone who didn't breastfeed, but I am damn proud of myself for breastfeeding them for so long. I always knew I wanted to, and I am so proud that I achieved it.

* I act childish and be silly.
We laugh about silly things, do crazy dances, talk in random sentences. Pretend to be dogs, pretend to be monsters, have tickle fights. We also have this funny game we play called "Look At This!", where we take turns shouting "look at this!" and do the weirdest action to make the others laugh!

* They have clean clothes, washed hair, food on the table, and love in their hearts.

* I've raised kind, caring, polite little human beings.
They are kind, they are very caring, especially towards each other, and are also very polite, and use their manners. They are so caring towards each other, it just makes my heart melt. (Don't get me wrong, they do fight. What siblings don't?) But they take care of each other. They comfort each other when they are sad. They hold hands, they cuddle each other to sleep, and share their toys. 

* I'll give them my last chocolate bar
This may seem silly, but I never ever share chocolate. Apart from with them. I'd give them the last chocolate bar on Earth. 

* I would do anything for them. Anything. 
I'd give them the whole world if I could. I'd do anything they needed me to, anything they asked me to. Anything. Always.

Ohhh writing this post has made me emotional, I am going to cuddle my sleeping babies right now!

I am now going to tag Laura, Jaki & Lucy!

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