Book Of The Month - The Gruffalo

Book Of The Month is where my little ones & I focus on one book each month, read it, watch it (if possible) and do fun activities based on it! The book for May is another classic, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffer! We've had a busy month doing lots of Gruffalo activities, it's definitely one of our favourites!
We love Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffer books, we've got the whole collection aside from one! The Gruffalo is definitely a modern classic, I don't know anyone who's read it and didn't love it straight away! But if you haven't read it, it's about a little mouse who takes a stroll through a wood, trying to avoid being eaten by different creatures, a fox, a snake, an owl - then he eventually comes across a monster called The Gruffalo! Did You Know since the book's release in 1999, there has been a sequel, 2 movies as well as being adapted for the stage! 

So to start our activities, we created some Gruffalo Puppets! Inspired by Pinterest, we used 5 wooden spoons and painted them as the characters of the book! I love how they turned out! We then used them to recreate the story (which I am not ashamed to admit, I know off by heart) and we put on puppet shops behind the sofa!

We also went on a Gruffalo Trail this month, which was so good! I'd highly recommend a visit if you are near any! The trails are in collaboration with the Forestry commission, and I just think it's such a wonderful, magical idea to get the little ones outdoors & exploring! We followed the trail through the woods, spotting all the characters from the book and finally coming face to face with the Gruffalo himself!

Recently at the toddler group we go to, we even made Gruffalo Crumble! They were chocolate cornflake cakes with lots of toppings! They were so delicious!

We of course watched The Gruffalo too, and did some Gruffalo colouring!

I told you, so much Gruffalo this month! But it was a lot of fun, and you can tell how much we love the story!

Have you read The Gruffalo?

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