Book Of The Month - Room On The Broom

Book Of The Month is where my little ones & I focus on one book each month, read it, watch it (if possible) and do fun activities based on it! As it's Halloween, we decided to go with a slight Halloween theme, and by our favourite author & illustrator too, the amazing book - Room On The Broom!

My little ones never used to really like Room on the Broom, it used to be one of their least favourite of the Donaldson/Scheffer collection, but over the past few months they've grown to love it and I've been reading it at least twice a week. My little girlie has been dressing up as a witch for Halloween too, which made her love the book even more!

The first activity we did, was make a Magical Witches Potion, just like the witch in the story. We used a plastic cauldron to make it more fun, filled it up with water, and like the witch in the book - we all found something to put into the pot! Grabbed our magic wands, said the magic words, my little girl's choice of words were "MAGIC MAGIC POTION!"

The next activity and I have to say the most fun, was making these Chocolate Witch Hats! Using ice cream cones and rich tea biscuits, I melted some chocolate for them and poured it into a new bowl. They dipped the top of the ice cream cones into the chocolate and stuck them to the biscuits. Using spoons they dripped the chocolate all over the upside down ice cream cones and biscuits. (This is a very messy activity!). I then supplied them with lots of sprinkles and they got decorating! They absolutely loved this activity, but we did begin to run out of chocolate in the end as they just kept licking their spoons! Haha. The worst part was waiting for the chocolate to set!

We did our final activity whilst waiting for the chocolate to set. Room On The Broom Stick On Characters. I used images from the official Room on the Broom website and printed them out. The little ones made their own brooms using thick cardboard and hessian. I cut out all the characters so they both had some each and we began to read the story. As we were reading, every time one of the characters climbed on the broom, it was a competition to see who could find and glue on that specific character to the broom!

Have you read Room on the Broom with your little ones before?

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