Updating Your Summer Wardrobe On A Budget

When Summer finally arrives, most of us, for some reason decide we don't actually have enough Summer clothes! We go out and spend money on new sunglasses, shoes, dresses, skirts for the hotter weather - and let's be honest, Summer never lasts that long in the UK! One day it's boiling, you go out and buy a new outfit, the next day it's raining and your wearing a jumper. 

*This is a collaborative post*

I wanted to share some tips with you today about how to update your summer wardrobe, without spending a fortune!

Make the most of the charity shops near you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with buying good condition clothes second hand, and you can save an absolute fortune. Plus, you may well find some amazing items you wouldn't be able to pick up on the high street. From dresses, jackets to sandals and sunhats - charity shops have everything! If you are more of an online shopper, you can find such amazing bargains if you take a look on sites such as eBay or Facebook marketplace. (Often people sell big bundles of clothes on here, for next to nothing!). 

Add a few touches to some clothes you already own, such as a chunky belt, patches, badges or pins. You can buy these all for mega cheap, and they can make a huge difference to any outfit, and make it look completely newIf you’re thinking that the man in your life could do with a few changes, accessories can work really well. If you’re looking for a new look for the man in your life, it’s amazing what a simple pair of glasses can do to shake up their style in the summer months.   

Buying a few statement pieces of jewellery can really change the whole look of any outfit, and brighten up any everyday outfit. Even a plain top, can look completely amazing if you team it with a gorgeous chunky statement necklace! 

There are often lots of sales going on throughout the summer months, and especially at this time of year, when it's not technically Summer yet. Before you buy anything, check out which stores have sales going on and make the most of them or use sites such as Groupon to check for the latest deals and discount codes. 

There are so many ways you can upcycle and revamp the clothes you already own, without having to buy anything new! Perhaps you've got a faded t-shirt, that looks really plain but fits so well? Why not consider dyeing or even tie-dyeing it and give it a whole new life! (Last year I revamped my little ones faded white t-shirts, and they turned out amazingly, if I do say so myself!) You could add some ribbon to your clothes, write on them using fabric markers or if you are good at sewing, you could even turn some of your dresses into tops, or your trousers into shorts!

Something I've always loved the idea of, is hosting a clothes swap, otherwise known as swishing. Get your friends together, and each bring some of your summery clothes that don't fit or suit you and swap a few items with your friends! Not only does this mean you get some lovely new Summery clothes for free, but you get to do a bit of a declutter too!

Do you have any more tips for updating your Summer wardrobe on a budget?

{Thank you to these fab bloggers for sharing their tips! Healthy Vix, Gee Gardner, Captain Bobcat, Yorkshire Wonders, Welsh Mum Writing & Anklebiters Adventures}

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