DIY Lavender & Oat Body Wash

Oats have amazing benefits for your skin. Not only are they fantastic for sensitive or eczema prone skin, but they are super softening and help tackle oily skin. If you use whole oats in your skin care, they can act as a natural exfoliant too.

For this DIY I will be using oat infused water. Lavender oil is one of the most versatile essential oils. It's relaxing, helps improve eczema, and even has powerful antioxidants. That's why a lavender & oat body would be perfect for those with sensitive, dry or eczema prone skin. {This post contains affiliate links}

You Will Need:
* A Foaming Dispenser
* Oats
* Lavender Essential Oil
* Baby Castile Liquid Soap (or normal if you don't have sensitive skin)
* Avocado Oil or Liquid Coconut Oil

1. First you will need to create your oat infused water. Put 1/4 cup of oats in a heatproof bowl. Pour 3 cups of boiling water over it, and leave for 2 hours ish.

2. Sieve the oats and water, but lose the oats & keep the water!

3. In a separate bowl, mix together 1/4 cup liquid castile soap, 2 tsp oil and 7-12 drops of lavender essential oil.

4. Pour this mixture into your foaming dispenser until it fills up about 15-20% of the bottle.

5. Pour the oat infused water in the dispenser too, until the bottle is nearly full.

6. Put the lid on and give it a little shake to combine the ingredients.

Have you ever used oats on your skin?

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