Summer To Do List {Part 1}

As you may have seen, we have put together a big list of things we, as a family would like to do over the Summer Holidays. We sat down together and decided what we wanted to be on the list, and would tick it off as we go!

It's fun to have such a visual idea of different activities we want to do, and my little ones love picking which thing to do each day, and ticking it off afterwards!

I decided I would update the list as we go along, sharing the different things we've been up to - so here is the first part!

Go To The Beach
We went to the beach earlier on in July, and we definitely picked the right day to go! The weather was colder, but not cold - so we weren't all sweating our butts off in the heat! It meant we could all comfortably relax on the beach, and our littlest baba wasn't too hot. She was definitely still a bit too little to understand or enjoy the beach though, and she did eat a handful of sand! Ugh. But everyone else played and had fun, made sandcastles and paddled in the sea! (My husband and I properly swam in the sea, it's become a tradition of sorts - no matter the weather or temperature, we will swim in the sea! Haha)

Go Swimming
Last weekend we went swimming together, with my Dad and Brother. It was our littlest first time swimming and..she didn't hate it. She made absolutely no expression whatsoever. When she got in, nor when she got out. Nothing. Hahaha. Well at least she didn't hate it I guess! We did go to quite a warm pool though, so maybe she just thought it was a bath! We'll definitely be going again though.

Paint Pebbles
This was the first craft activity we did during the holidays and I'm honestly not sure why we haven't done it before! It was a lot of fun for all of us, and not too messy either! We decided we would paint some minibeast pebbles, pretty cute right?

Go Geocaching
We tried Geocaching for the first time this week! There were a few different geocaches to find around the town where we live, so I thought it would be exciting to find them for ourselves! (I actually put together a treasure map of where we live, to make it more like a treasure hunt for my eldest two!) It was a lot of fun, but quite tricky with just me and 3 little ones if I'm honest - particularly when the geocaches are hidden amongst stinging nettles!

Splash In The River
This is something we did quite a lot last year when it was really hot. It's a great way to cool down and it's always so much fun down by the river. We built a dam, threw stones in and stepped across the stones. After a short while I just sat down with my feet in the river while my little ones played. It was so relaxing and quiet! We even walked along the river a bit and found a few huge fish!

What fun things have you been up to during the holidays so far?

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