Choosing Flooring For Your Family Home

Choosing Flooring For Your Family Home

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Parenthood comes with many trials and tribulations, not to mention you have hardly any time for yourself! The hustle and bustle of family life means you need flooring which is practical above anything else, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a fine-looking, stylish floor that won’t cause you any extra stress.

With modern technology, flooring has been revolutionised, from water and stain proof Luxury Vinyl Tiles which mimic its inspiration almost perfectly, to the timeless, natural solid wood- you’ll be spoilt for choice. Your flooring will come into contact with lots of footfall over the years, and so is susceptible to wear and tear, but it is also
paramount to the look of your interior. Here are some of the best flooring options for your hectic family home…

Luxury Vinyl and Laminate
Anyone who has owned vinyl or laminate flooring will know that they feature an array of practical benefits, so you’ll nearly always find them in at least one room in a family home. Let’s dive into their features…

Due to the way vinyl and laminate is constructed makes it a breeze to clean. With only needing a quick sweep and mop once a week or so, you don’t need to worry about constantly having to make sure no dirt gets on it. Once more, vinyl is stain and waterproof, meaning it’s ideal for kitchens which see messy mealtimes, and bathrooms which face the stern test of nightly bath time!
Laminate on the other hand, is only water and stain resistant, as opposed to being completely waterproof, so we’d recommend clearing up any spillages as soon as
possible. Both products are scratch proof too, so don’t worry if you have pets with sharp claws or children’s toys coming into contact with your flooring!

If you do decide on vinyl or laminate, then you can rest assured that they’ll last for many years looking as good as the day you bought it. The stain proof qualities of vinyl mean you’ll never need to worry about crayons, food or anything a new-born baby might produce getting on it (we won’t go into that, don’t worry!). Vinyl and laminate will cope with heavy foot traffic areas too.

Perhaps one of vinyl and laminate’s most impressive qualities is their ability to cooperate with underfloor heating, the cherry on top of the cake! Now we know that
disruption in our homes when we have young children is something to be avoided at all costs, but it is worth giving yourself the option, particularly if you like a bit of extra
warmth in the winter! 

Vinyl and laminate come in so many different styles and patterns too, so you can nearly always get exactly what it is you want at a cheaper price. LVT is particularly versatile in this respect, with it available in stone, tile and various wood finishes. So many of us lust after the desirable natural look of these materials but realistically, they’re often out of budget range, and impractical too. 

Solid and engineered wood.
With the incredible natural glory of solid and engineered wood, it’s no wonder it’s so sought after with homeowners. However, before getting too carried away with the attractiveness of this choice of flooring, there are a few things to consider before choosing it for your own family home.

It’s no secret that solid and engineered wooden flooring gives your home an affluent naturalistic foundation; wowing your guests and never going out of fashion.
Coming in a variety of patterns, plank styles and finishes, you can almost completely customise to your hearts content. A lacquered finish for example would
offer you more protection than an oiled due to it creating a smooth, shiny, laminate style layer on top of the wood. 

Despite solid wood’s enormous benefits, we wouldn’t recommend it in rooms such as the kitchen, play or bathroom. It is only stain and water resistant not proof, therefore it would be much more suitable for bedrooms, hallways and living room as opposed to rooms where these are more likely to occur.

Although solid and engineered has a relatively easy cleaning routine, it does require slightly more upkeep than laminate or vinyl. Dirt and stones trodden through the
house in shoes and even pets paws can scratch it, so a daily sweep is advised and a mop a couple of times a week. Stay away from a steam mop though as it can penetrate into the wood and cause it to expand and warp. If you want to go the extra mile in terms of maintenance, then go for a solid wood cleaning solution.

Due to its astonishing resilience, solid and engineered wood flooring will last for years if cared for properly, withstanding heavy domestic use with no problem. However, if your little ones do scratch the floor or stains occur, then both products can be sanded down depending on thickness. This should not normally need to be done for the first 15-20 years, so you can only imagine how long this exquisite flooring is going to last!

You might be wondering what engineered has above real solid wood. Underfloor heating is possible with engineered and not with real solid wood, due to the way the planks are constructed, allowing it to withstanding fluctuating temperatures.

A classic choice for households, carpet has been used in our homes for years due to its warm homely feel. However, it doesn’t present the same resilience 
as other options.

Carpets come in may colours, thicknesses and materials that you can create a plush warmth to your home, and is often chosen for nurseries, bed and living rooms. Despite carpet looking luxurious at first, it can appear trodden in and lose its colour if in contact with sunlight overtime.

Maintaining carpet can also be just as hard work as a solid or engineered wood product, particularly if you want to keep it looking as plush and luxurious as the day you first laid it. Dragging a heavy vacuum around is not appealing when you’ve got young children begging for your attention, but it’s important to regularly vacuum up to deal with dust, dirt and grime. With that in mind,
you may be better off giving yourself a break from constant cleaning and go for a floor which only needs semi-regular sweeping and not a weekly vacuum.

As mentioned previously, carpet will take to stains, so stay away from it in rooms they’re likely to occur in. If you do have your heart set on carpet, then consider placing it in rooms that don’t see as much foot traffic or the wear and tear of family life as much, such as the master bedroom.

Tiles and stone
Many of us enjoy the rustic, classic look which tiles and stone give to our homes. Often placed in kitchens, utility and bathrooms. Despite its pleasing aesthetics, they are an expensive option, and arguably not as practical as other options. Tiles and stones do turn very cold, as well as becoming very slippery if liquid is spilt on it.

When weighing up all the options available, there’s no right or wrong answer. We’d say that vinyl is the overall best choice, suiting any room in the home and the only
downside being it arguably doesn’t look as affluent as real wood or tiles. We hope this discussion has given you a clearer idea of what is best and most important to
you, so you can create the ultimate elegant and practical space for you and your family.

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