9 Productive Things I Do On A Daily Basis

9 Productive Things I Do On A Daily Basis

My life is all about structure and routine. With three children, working from home and homeschooling at the moment - routine is absolute key. Saying that though, I've always loved a good routine. It keeps me going, keeps me sane and ensures I use all my time wisely.

We all wish we were more productive, inspired and motivated don't we? Unfortunately life happens, distractions happen - tiredness happens. I always try to start each day on the right note - get out of bed without hitting snooze, aim to do the more difficult tasks straight away, get the chores out of the way - but again, life doesn't go exactly the way you'd like it to each day. 

There are a few things I do every day to ensure I stay productive and motivated on a daily basis, to keep the house running smoothly. Don't get me wrong, I have bad days when absolutely nothing gets done, but aiming to do these few things every day help the day run more smoothly. 


In the mornings I like to spend a few minutes talking to my little ones in bed before getting up. Not productive per se, but a really lovely way to start the day!

Get Ready
The first thing I do when getting out of bed is my skincare routine, brush my teeth and hair, get dressed and put make up on (if I can be bothered) I will ensure my kids are dressed before going downstairs too.

Enjoy Breakfast Together
It's so true that 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. It starts the day off with a full tummy and plenty of energy, plus it's nice to spend that bit of quality time together too. I always always have a cup of tea or two with breakfast aswell.

Get 90% of the chores out of the way
I follow the Organised Mum method - Team TOMM which involves spending 30 minutes a day focusing on one room in the house - plus 15 of basic everyday cleaning - quick hoover, making beds, washing up etc. On a good day I can get this all done quickly and efficiently before it's even 10am.

Try To Limit Multitasking
I do multitask in the mornings, I'll admit it. Particularly now when I'm trying to provide some sort of home learning for my eldest too, I absolute have to multi task. I can clean, teach, entertain toddler and catch up on emails/social media all at the same time in the morning. BUT saying that, between 1-2:30pm are absolutely my time. My eldest two will find something to entertain themselves, my youngest has a nap and I will find a quiet spot to get some work done. Same things goes for between 8-11 at night. My time. Time to focus on the things that need my full attention.

Take Regular Breaks
Sometimes I push myself far too hard, my friends know this for sure! I pile all my plates up too high, and never take any time out for myself. The mornings are always busy, so I ensure that late afternoons are just for relaxing, spending time with my family and taking some time out, before I burn out. I also take 5-10 minute breaks throughout the day, just to breathe and recuperate.


Evenings are for working for me at the moment, so I need to have little distractions and to be able to just sit down after my three are in bed.

Prep Dinner & Meal Plan
Meal planning is one of the most important parts of my every day routine. I always write a meal plan every week (atleast for Dinner) and this ensures I can create a budgetted shopping list, and I will always know exactly what we are having to eat each day. It saves so much hassle and you will never hear or say "I don't know what to have for dinner" - again! It means you can also prep the meal ahead of time, if you have the chance. I rarely don't have the chance, but atleast I know how long the meal will take to cook and when I need to start cooking it!

Clean Up Promptly
I always try to ensure every one helps clean up promptly after dinner. No slouching around on the sofa because you ate too much! We can relax after the house is tidy! I will wash up, dry up and do a quick hoover, while my husband and the little ones will tidy up the living room. 
(I love love love it when this actually happens, it doesn't always, trust me! But it's so nice to come downstairs to a tidy kitchen in the evening!)

After I've read stories, brushed teeth and got my three into bed, it's time to prep for the next day.

Get Clothes Out For The Next Day
I like to be a complete nerd and check the weather for the next day, which makes it easier to pick out my outfit, and my littlest outfit for the next day. I will also 'suggest' outfits for my eldest two, my boy nearly always wears what I have picked but my biggest girl likes to decide for herself - but it at least gives her an idea of what sort of thing to wear. 
Then I will get some work done before it's time for me to head upstairs to bed. I make myself a hot drink, snuggle in bed and plan my day ahead. 

Write To Do List
It is very rare I don't write a to do list for the next day, sometimes Saturdays are my to-do list free days! I don't tend to write absolutely everything down, but I'll simply write 'morning routine', 'afternoon routine' etc, plus any important things I have to absolutely get done that day. The priority tasks that I need to get done during my working hours at home that day.
I also like to jot down the activities my little ones and I might be doing that day, and which room I will be sprucing up on that particular day.

Then...after all that...I sleep. Ready to start again the next day!

What things do you like to try and do every day to stay productive?


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9 Productive Things I Do On A Daily Basis

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