Tips To Help You Avoid Using Plastic Packaging

I've spoken before about going zero waste, and each of us being responsible for the amount of waste we send to landfill. One of the biggest issues we are currently facing is the ever increasing build up of single use plastic, mostly (but not exclusively) plastic packaging.

Tips To Help You Avoid Using Plastic Packaging

Everything, almost everything we buy nowadays is wrapped in so much plastic  They are more often than not single use, or not recyclable, so where do you think all the plastic we throw away, goes? It just builds up, and builds up, for years and years. Some large, more sustainable companies have began to make the switch to recyclable packaging, but many still have not. 

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Personally, the way I see it is, everyone is so focused on everything being quick, and cheap. We all seem to need to be able to get everything we want, as soon as possible and for as little amount of money as possible so that results in cheap, nasty, earth-polluting plastic packaging everywhere. Plastics are created using fossil fuels which is also a non renewable resource, and using these resources have a staggeringly negative impact of the environment too. There is absolutely nothing good about plastic and plastic packaging, so we need to change. It needs to change.

We have to stop relying on cheap, basic, quick and nasty products. We all need to begin to make small changes to the way we live, and the things we purchase on a regular basis. Big businesses are starting to take notice, Supermarkets, cosmetics companies and even homeware brands are beginning to switch to recyclable or biodegradable packing but that could take years. After all, plastic has been creeping into absolutely every aspect of our lives for a very long time now, it's going to be hard to just remove it all, just like that. So it's time to take some baby steps!

Tips To Help You Avoid Using Plastic Packaging

* Avoid buying multipack products wrapped in plastic - Such as a 4 pack of beans, just buy 4 tins instead etc

* Try to buy more loose fruit and vegetables if you can - I understand some of the cheaper supermarkets can be harder to buy loose products, perhaps you could try a local market or fruit and veg shop instead?

* Make the switch and try to only buy products that come in recyclable packaging. It's not that difficult, it just means that for now you may have to shop around or buy a new product instead of the same one you always used to buy. Keep an eye out for products in Cardboard Boxes, tins, glass or even paper as these are all a fantastic alternative to plastic, and can all be recycled.

* DO NOT buy black plastic packaging. It's the very worst of the worst. It's cruelly  created to make food products look nicer, so you'll buy them but black packaging isn't recyclable at all.

These are just a few ways you can limit the amount of plastic packaging you use, let me know if you have any more tips to share!

Tips To Help You Avoid Using Plastic Packaging

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