14 Ways To Practice Self Care This Summer

14 Ways To Practice Self Care This Summer

I never used to enjoy Summer in the past. Hot weather used to aggravate my eczema, and my body confidence was so low - I'd struggle through the hot temperatures wearing thick tights and jeans. I've brought myself out of my shell since then, and my confidence is higher than it used to be. 

So I've started to enjoy Summer and the hotter weather more, I want to embrace nature, enjoy the sun and feel comfortable in my own skin! 

So I want to help you embrace Summer, fill your days with things that make you happy! Give yourself the things you need, love yourself and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated!

*This is a collaborative post

Unplug Yourself From Technology
Taking a break from technology, unplugging from your phone and in particular social media. (At the moment it can be particularly tough on social media, or being bombarded with news, so take a breather now and then). Switching off from technology encourages us to pay more attention to the world around us, our family and ourselves. You'll soon stop worrying about everything and start paying more attention to your wellbeing. So whether it's logging out of social media for a month, or set a certain time during the day to check it - switch off!

Read A Book In The Sunshine
On a warm, sunny day - take time out to just relax and read a good book in the sunshine. Grab a blanket and set it up in your garden, maybe even some cushions too! Take half an hour to embrace the sunshine and enjoy a good book in the warm weather. (Even better if you have hammocks to chill in!) Let your children play in the garden around while you take some me time! - Or if you prefer, dip your feet in the paddling pool rather than relaxing on a blanket.

Look After Your Body
During the hotter weather it's never more important to ensure you look after your body. Drink lots of water, moisterise your skin and fill your body up on delicious colourful healthy food! A rainbow of food! Plus, you tend to need more sleep during the hotter weather so ensure you make time to sleep enough and keep your body healthy. Plus there's no better time to pamper yourself, give yourself a pedicure, and paint your toenails a gorgeous vibrant colour!

Take Your Workout Outside
There are so many benefits to exercising outdoors. Not only by providing you with natural vitamin D, but being outside can enhance your mood, improve your sleep and the air quality you are breathing in can be up to 5 times better outside than in!

Research also shows that exercising outdoors can help create a bigger boost of endorphins, pleasure and confidence, and reduce the amount of tension and fatigue too! So whether you are jogging, cycling, running, practising yoga or doing a HIIT workout - being outside can have huge benefits!

Create Some Colourful Artwork
I've mentioned before the huge benefits of expressing your creative side, even if you don't feel you are creative! So why not head outside, breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sun and really embrace all the beautiful nature around you. 

Perhaps you like painting, why not grab a canvas and some paints and sit down in the sunshine to paint something beautiful and colourful. Have a spontaneous art session! Remember, your artwork doesn't have to be 'perfect' it just has to be unique and yours. No one has to see it if you don't want them too!

Try Meditating In The Sun (or shade!)
Meditation has a huge array of benefits, but even more when it's practised outside. There tend to be a lot more distractions inside your home (I have 3 kids, need I say more? Haha) Apparently it's rooted into our DNA to feel more relaxed outside, you should be able to practise meditation outside much more effortlessly. 

It doesn't need to be a sunny day, you don't need to be alone and you don't need complete silence. You don't need to be in a field in the middle of nowhere or on top of a beautiful mountain - being outside is all that matters. So head outdoors, connect with the air, nature and people around you, the sounds, the smells and the temperature, close your eyes and really take in your surroundings.

Create A Cosy Corner In Your Garden
If you fancy trying a bit of DIY, why not give your garden a little makeover? You could create a cosy corner, the perfect spot for relaxing, sitting and enjoying that important first cup of coffee of the day, or a comfy place to read in the sunshine. Some comfortable seating, with outdoor cushions and a throw, some soft solar lighting and you're on your way! Spend some time in your special little cosy corner each day, take some time out just for you, breathe in the warm air and soak up the sunshine while getting some essential me time.

14 Ways To Practice Self Care This Summer

Make A Summer Playlist
Sunshine, warm weather, pools in the garden and cold drinks all call for a fun, Summery playlist! Music can be so uplifting, inspiring and influential, it's a huge part of self care - so it's important to get those tunes right!

Music can completely set your mood and Summery music should make you feel happy, relaxed while positive and energised too! It should make you think of sunny skies, nature, loved one and warm weather. Why not head over to Spotify now and put together a playlist of all your favourite Summer songs? 

Relax Under The Stars
Why not go outside one evening and really relax under the stars. As I've mentioned above being out in nature has huge health benefits, even at night! There are many benefits of stargazing, due to our deep sense of wonder and knowing that there is so much more out there. It's all so distant, and fixed yet so unimaginably huge. Stargazing can be fascinating and utterly relaxing at the same time.
While you're spending a few hours under the stars, you're switching off from the rest of the world. You're taking that all important time out, even if you are with a loved one. Why not grab a blanket and some cushions, enjoy a drink or toast marshmallows with your family, under the stars?

Go For A Nature Walk
The world is such a busy place and we are all constantly on the go. It's hugely important to give your brain a rest, prevent yourself from being overstimulated and switch off for a while. Shifting your attention to soaking up the sunshine, embracing the nature all around you, allows you to get out of your head for a while. Try to plan a walk as often as possible, even if you need to write it down in your diary. Get outside and lose yourself for a while.

Plant Something
Gardening can be so therapeutic. It has many benefits on our mental health and wellbeing, as well as reducing stress, improving fitness and lowering your blood pressure too! It can again help you to switch off from everyday stresses and embrace nature. Plus, there's nothing lovelier than planting some seeds and watching them bloom and grow into some gorgeous colourful flowers. Even if you don't have a garden, there are huge benefits of growing houseplants too! Next time you go shopping, pick up some seeds or a few succulents and get started!

Start A Gratitude Journal
There's no better time to start a gratitude journal. Treat yourself to a new notebook, or use one of your empty ones to start one today. Grab a pen, sit in the sunshine and start writing. Acknowledging and writing down all the things you are thankful for will help you appreciate all the little things in your life.

Take A Power Nap
Power naps are incredible things, and so many people don't know the benefits! Naps are not just for lazy people or little children, some of the greatest people had a quick afternoon snooze! Einstein, Da Vinci, JFK all like a little power nap now and then! Naps can increase alertness, rejuvenation, enhance performance and productivity - not to mention the benefits of switching off and relaxing! Scheduled naps can be amazing things! 

Enjoy A Summer Themed Movie
If it's too hot to be outside, why not laze on the sofa and watch a Summer themed movie for the afternoon. To really relax and enjoy yourself, you could even create a pillow fort! How fun would that be! I've got some great summer themed films here if you need some inspiration!

How do you like to practise self care during the Summer months?
14 Ways To Practice Self Care This Summer

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