Starting A New Blog

If you were to start a new blog or start your blog afresh, what would you tell yourself? Would you say to stop waffling on so much, to use better photography, or to organise your website better?

I know there are many things I would do differently if I were to start my blog again, but all hope is not lost! Although some of these things would have been easier if you had known from the start, it doesn't mean you can't start now - and really make your blog the best it can be!

Firstly, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a niche. What is a niche you ask? A niche is a specific topic, a specific theme which you will base everything on. Your website, your writing, your social media and how you come across to others. Having a niche helps ensure you reach your target audience, all those people that want to be there, and want to hear what you have to say! (Or sell!).

Ensuring your site is perfectly tailored to suit your topic and your readers or customers is hugely important. Even if you are offering a very specific service, to a very specific group of people - your website needs to reflect that. For example, offer very niche products and services, but their website shows that and it is meticulously perfected to reach those specific clients. 

Secondly, I'd ensure I was proactive and spent time focusing on my social media channels. It's a regular misconception that bloggers spend all of their time, on their blog. And that's simply not true at all. Sure we all love to write and publish blog posts, but the truth is, there is so much more going on behind the scenes and social media is a huge aspect of that. Spending time on different social media channels can provide you with different things, it all helps the social side of blogging, helps you meet bloggers, and encourage new readers to your website. I don't know a single blogger who doesn't have a variety of social media channels too, it's a hugely important part of blogging!

Being on social media helps connect you to a huge network of people, whether it's other blogger, brands or like-minded people who are generally interested in what you want to say. Being active on social media helps you form many important connection for your business. 

Last but certainly not least, SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and every successful blogger will let you know how important it is, if you want traffic to your site! I never used to take any notice of SEO or really understand it, so it's been a huge task to tackle - which is again why I wish I knew about it from the beginning! 

The better you optimise your website, the higher your pages will be listed on search engines - meaning more people will find your blog! There are many different tactics to help SEO your blog, so I definitely recommend looking into it! 

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