Our Summer To Do List {2020}

To stay away from the "I'm bored"s or the "I don't know what to do!"s, every Summer we like to put together a big Summer To Do List of all the things we'd like to do over the holidays! I want to ensure we have a lot of fun ideas of things we can do to keep everyone entertained!

Our Summer To Do List {2020}

It's also so handy if when I'm planning the week ahead, we try to tick something off every day or at least every 2 days. Although it's obviously going to be a bit different this year, there are still a lot of exciting things we can do together. Plus, it's the perfect way of encouraging us all to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, while enjoying some seasonal activities together! 

Our Summer To Do List {2020}

Play with sprinkler & in paddling pool

Have a movie night

Climb trees

Have a picnic

Go on a family walk

Make a fruit salad

Make a den

Play 40/40 and do races

Go to the park

Make Summer decorations

Splash in the river

Make something

Bake something

Go on a nature walk and make collages

Make playdough

Ride on scooters

Go on a bike ride

Make a family video

Make a stop-motion video

Camp in the living room

Go out for the day

Write letters

Draw with chalk

Jump in puddles

See (some) friends and family

Go Geocaching

We've already managed to tick a couple of things off of our list! 
Have you got any fun plans for the Summer?

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