Valentines Day Gift Guide 2022

really love Valentines Day myself. Not the OTT displays of affection, massive teddy bears or fancy restaurants - but to be Valentines Day isn't just for loved up couples. It's about spending time with loved ones, and showing them just how much you care about them.

I've put together a little gift guide for Valentines Day this year, if you are in search of a gift or two - whether the gift is for your partner, your friends or even yourself!

(This post contains affiliate links. Some products featured were provided for inclusion in this post. All opinions are my own.)

ET Themed Socks From Jimmy Lion

I can never have too many socks, I always appreciate socks as a gift! Especially if they are as cool as these! I love the ET design, and the fact that they are unisex. Who says socks have to be boring! These socks are comfortable, cosy (without making your feet too hot!) and high quality - did I mention how awesome they look?!

The colours are vibrant, and the fabric is very soft. A fab gift for any 80's movie fan, and anybody who needs a fab, funky pair of new socks. Which is everyone! 
Available from Jimmy Lion

Magnitone PorePatrol

If you're looking for a beauty gift, the Magnitone PorePatrol could be perfect. PorePatrol renews your skin and extracts your pores to provide a deep cleanse of your skin in minutes. A brighter complexion, clearer skin and decongested pores. A good gift I'd say!

The design is really light and ergonomic which makes it easy to use and will help it glide easily across your skin to remove all the nasties. A great beauty product, and dare I say it - fun and satisfying to use!

Plus as a mother, the name 'PorePatrol' does make me chuckle!
Available from Magnitone

Love Monster Fun Sounds

I like to give my children a little something on Valentines Day, and this cute fuzzy Love Monster would make a wonderful gift this year. 

Love Monster is one of our favourite books to read over Valentines Day! Love Monster is a soft, fluffy, loveable character (with his own TV show on Cbeebies now). The book and the show is really sweet, teaching the importance of kindness, compassion and friendly with Love Monster leading the way.

This sweet Fun Sounds toy says lots of cute catchphrases from the show by pressing the button on his hand.
Available from Amazon

Lego Flower Bouquet 

I've loved the look of this floral Lego bouquet for a long time. With 15 stems and different flowers such as daisies and poppies, it's such a fun item! It'd be the perfect project to work on as a couple or for some alone time. The pieces are really unique to create a stunning, vibrant bouquet to display proudly! I know I would freaking love having a bouquet of Lego flowers on display, they look so cool!

Plus, this set includes plant based plastic made from sugarcane!

A fab gift idea, and activity to do as a couple and an awesome piece of home decor all in one awesome gift!
Available from Amazon and Lego

Burlington Socks

Comfy cosy luxurious socks are always a good gift to give, and these lovely socks from Burlington are the epitome of comfort! 

I chose these fab mens socks, (mens socks are nearly always super dull colours aren't they? White that end up grey or plain black. Men deserve fun socks too!

These three pairs from Burlington are all really great quality, with stylish designs, long lasting and comfortable to wear throughout the day. 
All styles available from Burlington and Amazon

Smooch by So...? Hot Pink

Smooch by So...? Hot Pink is a gorgeous perfume in a fun lip shaped bottle. A very fresh and juicy, yet light fragrance with notes of blackcurrant, raspberry and floral scents. The fragrance is long lasting and it smells delicious! 

The bottle itself is sturdy, and a fab decorative piece. It's recyclable, vegan friendly and not tested on animals too. A great price for a fab product.
The perfect perfume for those who like a light, fresh fragrance - and ideal for a 'first perfume! 
Available from So Fragrance

Haribo Heart Throbs

For a super sweet way to express your love, you can't go wrong with a bit of Haribo! The Haribo hearts have always been my favourites (and the eggs!)  so I was super excited to find out you can buy a gift box of just hearts! These Haribo Heart Throbs are sure to put a smile on anyone's face this Valentines Day - they're just so delicious!
Available from Amazon

Echor End Of Day Pillow Spray

Ensuring you have a delightfully cosy, welcoming space to sleep is an easy way to practise self care and a great way to give yourself the gift of a wonderful nights sleep. That's why I loved the sound of the End Of Day Pillow Spray by Echor. It's a long lasting mist made of pure essential oil blends including orange, eucalyptus and lavender - all of which have proven benefits to improve sleep. 

The spray has a gorgeous scent and really encourages you to snuggle up into your pillow as your whole body starts to relax. The scent is quite strong, so the bottle will last a good amount of time, as, like other high quality perfumes a little goes a long way (and can be overpowering if too much is used). But that just shows what great quality it is. The spray is cruelty free and vegan too, plus it comes in a reusable and recyclable glass bottle. 
Available from Echor

Edifier Wireless Earphones

The Edifier TWS330 Wireless Earbuds are a fab, high quality gift. They are well packaged in a white box, and inside the box, the case is a lightweight, ergonomic egg shape. Small enough to store in your pocket, but not too small that it would be easily misplaced. 

The earbuds themselves has 2 built in microphones per earbud and provide excellent active noise cancellation which can be adjusted using the Edifier app to suit you perfectly. I love that the earbuds come with a variety of different sized silicone ear tips too, so you really can adjust them to your needs. The earbuds are USB chargeable and last a decent amount of time before needing charging in the case again. 

A great quality set of earbuds and a decent price too, a fab gift idea for Valentines Day.
Available from Edifier and Amazon

The 5 Love Languages Book

I have been intrigued by the idea of 'love languages' for a while now, and this book would be a great addition to any romantic relationship. It's a #1 New York Times bestseller too! Including practical and insightful advice to help you understand how you show and receive love and how your partner shows and receives it too. Helping you to understand and work together on your relationship starting immediately. Providing actionable and relevant wisdom without being preachy or bossy I suppose! It's clever, it's understandable and realistic. Definitely worth a read for any couple, after all, self improvement can only be a good thing!
Available from Amazon

Five Urban Hoodie

My husband lives in hoodies, and I love a good hoodie too. There's something so comforting and cosy about them. These fab hoodies from Five Urban are particularly cosy as they are fleece lined. It's great quality, thick material and a nice fit, true to size too. It's comfortable to wear, without being too tight - made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Plus it's designed and produced in the UK too.

A great quality, comfortable hoodie - ideal for these chillier winter days and a fab gift idea for anyone who loves a good cosy outfit!
Available from Five Urban

Treats from Goodness Goodies

Goodness Goodies is a fab online store aiming to provide a range of delightful eco friendly, vegan and sustainable products. From chocolate to marshmallows, candles and even cleaning cloths. 

This is a gorgeous, hand poured candle. It's very high quality and makes such a beautiful decorative item (although it can be burned, it'll ruin the beautiful shape.) It's vegan friendly, and cruelty free too. I love how chunky and stylish it is, very eye catching! A fab candle.

Satisfy your chocolate craving with a guilt free, dairy free, vegan - but absolutely delicious bar of  Chocolate and Love! With the perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess, without the dairy. A delicious zesty flavour, yet simple and not overpowering. A scrumptious bar of high quality chocolate.

This gorgeous bubble soap is handmade and unique with a gorgeous sweet orange scent. Perfect for baths, showers, whether you use it as a hand soap or body soap, it's beautifully moisturising. Fragranced with sweet essential oils, it's smells incredible! It looks gorgeous too. Plastic free and vegan friendly - a gorgeous little pampering gift!

Available from Goodness Goodies

Socks from Sock Shop

Sockshop have a amazing range of high quality, fun socks to keep your feet cosy and looking fabulous at the same time!

This fab 3 pack is perfect for Valentines Day. I must admit I do love a good pair of trainer socks, and these are super cute! They are high quality, comfortable to wear and bright coloured too. I'm very impressed with the quality and vibrancy!

If you are looking for a cosy, longer pair of socks - these gentle grip socks are ideal. Particularly if you struggle with tightness of the ankles, these grip onto your ankles very lightly without falling down.  Made from soft, snuggly yarn, keeping your feet warm all day long. The pattern is super cute too, and ideal for Valentines Day!

Available from Sock Shop

Which gift idea is your favourite?

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