SmarTrike Xtend Bike (Review)

SmarTrike Xtend Bike (Review)

Have you heard of the SmarTrike Xtend Bike? It's a balance bike, a small pedal bike and a large pedal bike all in one sturdy, well built bicycle! We were kindly given the opportunity to try one out for ourselves.

One thing I absolutely love about the Xtend Bike is the ability for it to be adapted as my littlest grows up. No more buying multiple bikes in the first few years of childhood. With the Xtend Bike it begins as a balance bike, which then effortlessly changes to a pedal bike, and again can be adapted and adjusted as my youngest grows up! It's 3 bikes in one. My daughter already loves it and knowing that it will last for many years is so reassuring.

Teaching our little ones to ride a bike has never been easier! By adding pedals to a balance bike they are already comfortable with, creates confidence in their bike riding abilities!

SmarTrike Xtend Bike (Review)

Durability and sturdiness is essential in a child's bike and the Xtend Bike is just that! Made from high quality materials, it's built to withstand childhood adventures! It was fairly easy to put together too as it came in a few separate pieces.

Beyond it's durability, it's sustainable too. It can be used for multiple children throughout the years, helping to minimize waste - it's such an eco friendly option.

Our 5-year-old took to the Xtend Bike very quickly. She is using it as a balance bike for now, but I can tell it won't be long until we will need to add the pedals! While we haven't used it with the pedals yet, we have no doubt that it will be perfect for her when the time comes.

SmarTrike Xtend Bike (Review)

With so many different types of children's bikes available, the Xtend Bike is a unique, environmentally friendly, durable and versatile option. From age 3 upwards it can be adapted to suit your child. No more multiple bikes for all different stages! It's a fab bike, and a fantastic investment.

You can find out more about the Xtend Bike here!

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