Magical Reindeer Dust! {Tutorial}

I remember using reindeer dust when I was little. You sprinkle it on your lawn on Christmas Eve, to help guide the reindeer's to your home! It's such a cute tradition, and I love that I can now share these little traditions with my children. So here we are, today we are going to show you how to make your own;

Brimsmore Garden Centre at Christmas

Visiting Brimsmore Garden Centre at Christmas, is sort of a family tradition of ours. The garden centre do such an amazing job, and always create such beautiful displays & it's always so exciting. It really makes you feel so Christmassy. 

The best part is always the little 'Woodland Walk' section right at the end. It starts off with sparkly, winter decorations, and even moving animals. Polar Bears, seals, penguins. Ohh it's just so adorable.

After that, you continue on round the path, and you come to a huge train track with trains constantly going round. It's always a hit for little ones!

I did buy a few bits, some fairy lights, led candles, and a couple of stocking fillers (including Christmas finger puppets that are just SO cute)!
(Dancing to Christmas music!)

Honestly, visiting here every year, really sets the mood for Christmas and gets you in the spirit! It's also great if you are looking for inspiration for how to decorate your home this season!

If you live anywhere near here, I'd highly recommend a visit over the Christmas period!

DIY Star Garland {Tutorial}

I honestly cannot wait to put my Christmas decorations up! Normally we just decorate the main living room, but this year I am definitely going to add a few little pieces in every room! I can't wait! One thing I knew I wanted to add was some little garlands across the shelves in my bedroom & kitchen. So I came up with this super quick & easy sparkly star garland! 

Quit Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes

*This is a collaborative post*

Each year, millions of people attempt to stop their deadly habit. E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular, which I think is great. Sure it's not the same as quitting all together, but apparently e-cigarettes are 95% better for you than normal cigarettes!

Christmas Little Makes Linky #1

As it's edging closer to December, I feel it's safe enough to mention the 'C' word, non? In the spirit of getting all Christmassy and trying to steer clear of the commercial side of Christmas, a few of us have got together to venture though the Christmas month making and baking to celebrate the festive period.
littlemakesCHRISTMAS copy (2) 
 #Christmaslittlemakes is all about making and crafting with our little ones as well as making our homes look seasonal with some grown up crafts too! Holly from LittlePicklesMom, Fee from OneofEachMeandMine and Sarah at WhimsicalMumblings would love you to join up any seasonal craft posts, new or old to savour this Christmas period! We have come up with a few themes for inspiration, but please don't feel bound by them! Link up any Christmassy craft you like! #Christmaslittlemakes will be running, with the following themes on.... 26th: Light, 3rd Dec: Sparkles, 10th Dec: Star,
17th Dec: Snow
This week I'm linking up my Fairylight Advent Calendar and our Glowing Christmas Trees.
Now on with the linky….. Please encourage all to join in!
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Please enjoy and spread the making love xx

The Hidden Risks Of DIY

*This is a collaborative post* 

I have recently joined a DIY Lovers FB page, and I am obsessed. Honestly I recommend you join as you will be sucked into the crazy world of DIY and want to switch up your entire home!

If you are a confident DIYer, or just fancy dipping your toe into the world of DIY, you need to be aware of the hidden risks. When we moved into our current home, it was a bit of a state. We had to repaint every wall in the house, put up wallpaper and even put down new carpet. Also of course the obvious decorating side of it, putting up pictures, shelves & curtain poles. It's taken quite a while but it feels like a proper home now. 
Slater & Gordon recently took a survey and some of the stats they collected included, 73% of people surveyed are happy to paint or wallpaper themselves. 40% viewed this task as carrying no risk to health. 

Film Fan Friday - Lauren Catherine

Welcome back to my Film Fan Friday series, asking fellow bloggers a few questions about their taste in movies! Another week, another awesome guest. This week it's Lauren from Lauren Catherine.

#1 What are your top three favourite films of all time?
3, only 3? Right. 
1. 'Walk the Line', based on Johnny Cash. 
2. 'Silver Linings playbook', I actually preferred the film than the book. And that's rare for me to say. 3. 'The Perks of being a Wallflower', deals such hard hitting topics and portrays them brilliantly. That soundtrack but. Unreal. 

#2 What is your favourite movie genre?
I wouldn't say I had a favourite genre, I love a bit of everything. Looking at my DVDs like they range from 'The Grinch' to 'The Dark Knight' trilogy! 

#3 Do you remember the first 'grown up' film you watched?
I remember watching the film 'Beaches' with Bette Midler, I couldn't even tell you what age I was tbh. I can't even deal with this film, even thinking of the song 'wind beneath my wings' which is in the film, makes me want to gurn like a baby.

#4 Have any movies ever made you cry? If so, what? Or what makes you cry every time you watch it?
Well along with 'Beaches' it's hard to get me to cry at films. I'm not a big cryer when it comes to films, unless I can resonate with the plot. But 'Jack Frost' and 'Marley and Me' my heart.

#5 What is the scariest film you have ever seen?
I actually haven't watched that much horror films. But I remember going to see the first 'Insidious' back in 2011, I was only 15/16 that was just a weird film looking back.

#6 If there was a film based on your life, who would play you?
Anyone? Can I have Emilia Clarke, I wish looked like her because damn. She just seems like such a fab person.

#7 What would be the opening song on the soundtrack, to the movie about you?
Imagine a movie opening up to 'Hotel California' by the Eagles'. Don't worry there I have a meaning behind, it was one of my Daddy's favourite bands.

#8 Harry Potter or Disney? 
What kind of question is this? I can't even pick between them, soz. They are just both of my favourite things to exist. 

#9 If you had a dinner party, which 3 film characters would you invite? 
I was going to look through some of the films I've watched on Netflix or something, now all of a sudden I purchased some stuff online, internet. First character would for sure have to be Groot from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' why not, Katniss from 'The Hunger Games' she's just bad ass. Buddy from 'Elf' I'd have a laugh with him.

#10 What's the very last film you watched? Did you enjoy it?
I watched 'Dirty Dancing' I love this film, it's brilliant.  One of my favourites as well.
Thank you so much Lauren! Silver Linings Playbook is definitely in my top 5. I love it so much! Haha, that Harry Potter/Disney question really throws people! :)

Capturing Moments Linky #7

Capturing Moments is a linky for all your days out and travel related posts old or new. You are also welcome to link up Instagram photos! Don't forget to join us in the Instagram community too #HMcapturingmoments. Capturing Moments is hosted by Happy Mummy, Whimsical Mumblings and Thimble and Twig. 

This week, we are loving all the Autumnal adventures, it's my very best season of all! I love the crunchy leaves, snuggling all wrapped up in scarves and hats and the beautiful colours of Autumn all around and then coming home for a hot chocolate afterwards. We love Capturing Our Moments and would love to read about your fun adventures and see all your amazing photos!
This week I am linking up my post about...

Epson EcoTank ET-3600 Printer {Review}

This is it. This is my favourite printer ever. It's the perfect printer for crafters, busy mums, home offices, wherever, whenever. I love having a home printer, and recently I haven't had one. I've been struggling to get to the library constantly to print different bits and pieces. Before that, when I did have my own printer I struggled because I found it ran out of ink so quickly. I rarely ever want to print in black & white, therefore the colour ink gets used up pretty quickly. 
Whether you are printing out activities for your children, quotes for your home, or important documents, this printer has you covered.
I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Epson EcoTank ET-3600 printer. Now this is a printer with a difference. Instead of having to buy ink cartridges constantly, which can soon rack up costs, you use bottles of ink to refill the tanks yourself! When you purchase the EcoTank, you are given your first full set of ink bottles. You select the colour, and pour it into the correct colour tanks. It's really simple. (Although I did get a bit of ink of my fingers! But that doesn't matter, it washed straight off!). 
Another amazing bonus is that the ink bottles averagely last about 2 years! Crazy!

Apart from the the amazing lack of ink cartridges, this printer is also a scanner. I wasn't expecting it to be, so that was such a bonus. It is also Wi-Fi enabled which is fantastic. We are very much a Wi-Fi run family in this household, everything runs on it! You can connect it to your phones, laptops and even tablets! I am constantly using my tablet, more than any other device so this is fantastic!

Now for the quality of the printing. I wanted to test it out by printing a cute little printable, as well as trying to print a photograph!

(Printable found here)

As you can see, the quality is amazing. Seriously it's so good.
I am completely sold with this printer, I love it. I highly recommend!

You can view the printer on the Epson site here.

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own printer to review. All opinions are my own..

DIY Christmas Lights Finger Painting

This isn't even really a DIY, I just wanted to show you a super quick painting idea the little ones & I did last week. It's definitely time for Christmas activities in this house! We decided to do a little finger painting, and before we began, I made sure that the paints we were going to use were washable children's paints! The last time we did painting, we did use children's paints, but it really didn't come off their clothes!
So anyway, onto the paintings!

DIY Christmas Lanterns {Tutorial}

I've got so many things I want to create for Christmas! Gifts, Decorations, Cards & more. So I thought I had better get started now! So I bring to you, my first Christmas DIY of the year! It's a super quick & easy little craft, but it looks so effective!

Breastfeeding Is The Norm

I have put off writing this post for a very long time. I asked people for advice on whether to post it, I've asked advice on how to word it without offending anyone. It's going to be hard. I'm going to try. I'm so so sorry if you take offence from it, it's probably just the silly way I have worded it or something.

Honestly, if you are a parent, I have no problem however you have chosen to feed your child. I'm not writing this to guilt trip anyone into breastfeeding, or make people feel guilty for not.

What Is Chocolate Made Of?

*This is a collaborative post*
"Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons has found that the younger generation have a few things to learn about food provenance. Research conducted by Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons has revealed that a shocking one in five children don’t know that milk comes from cows and almost a third of children believe a cow’s diet consists of sandwiches and pizza."

Film Fan Friday - A Blog For Thoughts

Welcome back to my Film Fan Friday series, asking fellow bloggers a few questions about their taste in movies! Today we have another amazing guest, Aby from A Blog For Thoughts

Capturing Moments Linky #6

Capturing Moments is a linky for all your days out and travel related posts old or new. you are also welcome to link up Instagram photos! Don't forget to join us in the Instagram community too #HMcapturingmoments. Capturing Moments is hosted by Happy Mummy, Whimsical Mumblings and Thimble and Twig 

Now the weather's getting a bit cooler, and Winter's coming, it can be harder to get out, and visit places, go exploring! Here at Whimsical Mumblings, we do spend time indoors, snuggling up, making crafts or other fun activities, but we do make sure we make an effort to go on a exciting day out at least once a week! Wearing our cosy jumpers, coats & scarves, all wrapped cosy and going for adventures! 

We love Capturing Our Moments and would love to read about your fun adventures and see some amazing photos!

This week I am linking up my post about...

How Do You Sleep?

I am one of those people who, when I am really tired, wherever I am, I can fall asleep. In the car, on a bus, on a beanbag, under a rug! Lately I've often been falling asleep sat upright whilst I'm supposed to be doing something else! Trouble is though, when I actually get into bed, it takes me far too long to fall asleep! Our sleeping situation is perhaps a little different to yours. We don't have a bed, but just thick mattress on the floor. We co-sleep, not all night, but every night. The little ones generally come into my bed between 1-4 am. Also I say 'we' but me & my husband don't actually share a bed. We haven't for a really long time! Since our little girlie was born in fact. He stays up much later than me, and we wake up much earlier. I honestly don't think there would be enough room in our bed for me, little girlie, little guy & my OH!

So my question is..How Do You Sleep?

Off On An Adventure!

A few weeks ago, the little ones and I decided to go on a little adventure.
Sometimes it's hard, when you don't drive, to find different places to go or places to explore! I love going on little adventures and properly having a look around your area, discovering new places!

The Little One Tag

I was recently tagged by The Secret Life Of Baby to take part in The Little One Tag! A tag based on asking your children questions, or answering them on their behalf. I asked my 2 year old girlie the questions, and wrote down her exact answers! I will also be answering the questions on behalf on my 16 month little guy! :)

{The Ordinary Moments #4} Breastfeeding

I have breastfed both my little ones. I bf my little girlie until she was one, and I am still bf my little guy and he's nearly 18 months. I always knew it was something I wanted to do, and never even had a second thought about it. 

Poppy Cupcakes {Tutorial}

I wanted to make something for Remembrance Day. It's an important day. We decided we were going to make some poppy cupcakes! 

Film Fan Friday - Little Things With Jassy

Welcome back to my Film Fan Friday series, asking fellow bloggers a few questions about their taste in movies! Today we have an fantastic guest - Jasmin from Little Things With Jassy!

Capturing Moments Linky

Capturing Moments is a linky for all your days out and travel related posts old or new. You are also welcome to link up Instagram photos! Don't forget to join us in the Instagram community too #HMcapturingmoments. Capturing Moments is hosted by Happy Mummy, Whimsical Mumblings and Thimble and Twig As Happy Mummy's we love Capturing Our Moments and we cannot wait to read about yours and see your wonderful photos :) This week I am linking up my post about..

7 Benefits To Owning A Plastic Shed

Baby Items You Can't Live Without!

Everyone is different, and every parent has a few items that are essential in their home. With so much baby items available, things that are labelled 'a must have'. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, or panic buying everything and spending far too much!
So myself, and a few other bloggers wanted to share with you a few baby items we couldn't live without!

{The Ordinary Moments #3} Boys Playing With Dolls

My little guy really watches how his big sister plays. He copies what she does, he learns how to play and it is adorable. They've been playing with tea sets & play food at the moment, having picnics! Aww.
Another toy my little girlie loves playing with are baby dolls. She has about 10, and she dresses them, changes their nappies, kisses them & pushes them around in the toy pushchair.
Recently my little boy has started copying her playing with toy dolls and it is the cutest thing. 

When In Agrabah! TAG

Aladdin is definitely one of my favourite Disney movies. I love it so much.
The songs are amazing, and so fun to sing along to. I feel like I need to watch it again!

Anyway, I was recently tagged by Danielle, to take part in her Aladdin tag!
You can read her post here.

Win Tickets To The Christmas Shopping Show!

It's nearly Christmas guys, come on, it is! It's time to start getting into the Christmas Spirit!

The Christmas Shopping Show at The Bath & West Show ground is sure to be an amazing event, and a fantastic way to get into the holiday mood! 

Film Fan Friday - Chocolate & Wine & I'll Be Fine

Here is my second edition in my Film Fan Friday series, asking fellow bloggers a few questions about their taste in movies! Today we have an amazing guest - Sam from Chocolate & Wine & I'll Be Fine! (Amazing name by the way)!

Wooden Family Tree {Review}

I have wanted a family tree for a long time now, just one for our little family of four. We've only recently got married, and I changed my name so I thought now was the perfect time.