Tips To Help You Switch Off

Do you struggle to switch your brain off? Do you find yourself lying awake at night? Trying to sleep, but things keep popping into your head? Things you're worried about? Things you have to remember?

*This is a collaborative post

This is probably getting you stressed, imagining things going wrong, which is making you more stressed! Maybe you've got a lot to do tomorrow, or maybe you've had a busy day and you're just reliving all the stress in your head. Why? This will stop you from relaxing.

Ensure you have a comfortable, cozy place to relax
I personally always find it hard to relax if my environment is untidy or cluttered, so I always ensure my bedroom is tidy before I get into bed. Maybe you need to think about a good declutter, or ways to feng shui your sanctuary too. According to interior designers, your bedroom design can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep and your ability to relax! 

Remove distractions
Clear away any distractions. Switch all the lights off, remove any unnecessary noises such as ticking clocks, if you have a tv in your bedroom make sure it's properly turned off and not on standby. Move your phone away from your bed.

Concentrate on your breathing. It'll help lower your heart rate and relax your whole body. Block out everything else and just focus on your slow breathing. 

Stop focusing on the fact that you need to sleep
Stop thinking about the fact that you need to fall asleep, the more you think about it, or keep checking the clock. Don't think about falling asleep, just thinking about feeling completely relaxed.

Write it all down.
If you can't fall asleep because you are worried, or have things you need to remember for the next day, don't let it stress you out or you'll never get to sleep. Keep a small notebook and pen by your bed for these exact reasons and you can jot down anything you need to focus on tomorrow. Therefore clearing it from your mind for now so you can relax.

Stop taking on so much
If you frequently find yourself unable to switch off, maybe your mind is telling you something. Maybe you're doing too much, putting too much pressure on yourself and not giving yourself any down time. Slow down, stop doing so much all the time and look after yourself a bit more.

Do you struggle to switch off?


Laura said...

Oh god, I could have written this. I'm terrible for switching off at night time. I can be tired all day yet as soon as I get in bed I end up worrying about everything. Having my iPhone by my bed doesn't help either! Fab post, love your blog :) x
The Dysfunctional Mother xx

Lindi said...

Amazing that I would post just directly below you, this is exactly what I need to be reminded of, I am terrible at switching off and so this was great reminders. I obsess about switching off and never seem to be able to do it, I am sharing this on my facebook group as well. Lots of other women over achievers can definitely use this. thank you #sundaystars

BookBairn said...

It's my phone that I really need to switch off! That would help my brain switch off too. My New Years Resolution has been to read a little everyday and it has been a great help in switching off at bedtime! #sundaystars

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing! I agree reading in bed is a good idea. Just no gadgets! :)

K Whitlock said...

Reading a book always helps me switch off. Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars

Unknown said...

Great tips, this is something that I struggle with A LOT. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x