January In Review 2017

How was your January? Did you have a good New Years Eve? I don't think we really did much, we stayed up past midnight at least (but that's a normal thing anyway)! 
This month has been a pretty good month for me actually! It started off well, planning my wishes & goals for this year! (I never set resolutions, goals are the way to go!) I've been working towards achieving them all, so that's good for me!

Hopes & Wishes 2017

I do love a good tag post, especially ones that are about the future. Wishing, planning, achieving goals. I was tagged by the awesome Laura @ Wafflemama.
I have written about my goals for 2017, as well as my blogging goals here.

Personal Wishes
* To be kinder to myself, and take better care of myself. I really don't at all.
* Take time out for self. No work. No laptop.
* To be happier. Do things that make me happy. 
* Stop getting stressed so easily, life's too short.
* Continue my education. I really really want to do this, this year. I'm just not exactly sure where to start. I need to look into this.
* Make some better friends, who actually care. Who I don't have to force them to make plans. 

Blog Wishes
* Increase my social media followers. Genuine, interactive followers, not just empty accounts.
* Take more pictures everyday, of life in general.
* That my new linky is a success! 
* Create a proper schedule & stick to it.
* Increase my social reach
* Improve my photography & make the most of Instagram.
* Increase my DA, it dropped recently because I deleted old posts! Oops!

Family Wishes
* Spend more quality time with my little family. I do spend quality time with them, but I want to make sure I do as much as possible!
* I wish to watch and encourage my little ones to grow into the clever, caring, amazing human beings they are. They make me so proud every day. 
* Go out more at weekends. Even if we don't leave our town.
* I really would love to take the little ones of their first holiday this year! We've just never had enough money!
* Everyone to be happy & healthy. 

I am now tagging Becci, Karina & Terri!

What are some of your wishes for this year?

My Sunday Photo #3 - Selfie

10 Ways In Which I Am Rocking Motherhood

So the general idea of this tag is to list 10 ways you feel you are rocking motherhood. You read that, you may think, that's easy. Only 10 things, I can totally do that. Truth is, focusing on positive things is a lot harder than you think. We tend to focus on what we are doing wrong, not things we are amazing at, so that's what this tag is all about. Focusing on the ways we are great! I was tagged by the awesome Vicki, and I have tagged a few amazing momma's at the end of the post. 

Feel Good Movies

Feeling a bit rubbish, looking for a movie to perk you up, and make you feel happier? I wanted to share with you, my favourite feel good movies. Some are cheesy, some are classic, some are sort of sad..but ultimately, watch any of these and I can guarantee you'll have a warm feeling in your heart :)

Capturing Moments #14

This week we haven't really been out much. It's been absolutely freezing and every morning waking up to frost covering the lawn. We did pop out to soft play last weekend though! It was good to get out of the house, and let the little ones burn some energy!

Thank you to everyone who links up to Capturing Moments & all those who stop by to read the fab posts week after week. Do you have any Travel Reviews (Old or New), Travel Bucket Lists to link up this week? Did you know you can also link up just an Instagram photo you want comments on or a Youtube Video? As long as it has a Travel or Day Out Theme we don't mind! The hosts comment on EVERY post so that is a guaranteed minimum of 3 blog comments.

Growing Older & Taking A Break

Growing older scares us, I know it did used to scare me , but it's going to happen. Ignoring or not planning for the future isn't really going to work in the long-term. As a society we are very much, bury our head in the sand until the time comes, but we shouldn't be. 

Easy & Quick Valentines Crafts For Children {Kids Craft}

If you, or your children are anything like me & my children, you get distracted easily. When making things, I tend to come up ideas that are fairly easy, not too fiddly and don't take too long! Myself & my little ones do get distracted easily, and tend to want to move onto something else, so we've become experts at quick crafts! We've been doing lots of Valentines themed Crafts this year, so I wanted to share a few ideas! Perfect for adults or children alike!

What I Got For My 26th Birthday!

It was my 26th Birthday a couple of weeks ago, the day before my little girlie's, and it was honestly such a good day. We didn't do anything major, which is fine by me. It was very relaxing. Lots of family around me, lots of tea, movies & chocolate. We spent the evening eating pizza & chocolate, snuggled on the sofa with my babies, in pjs, under blankets watching films. My kind of day.

Surviving Soft Play

Ahh good old soft play. Some people seem to think it's a nice place to go, where you can let your child run wild & free, while you have a cosy sit down with a hot cuppa. Unless your child is the only one there, your child is an angel, and you have the ability to see through walls, you're wrong.

My Sunday Photo #2 - Winter Sun

"..Warm your heart like the Winter Sun" - Shane Filan

There's something so beautiful about the sunshine in Winter. This photo was taking on an absolutely freezing day. I'm not sure why, but I love seeing the sun shine so brightly on such a cold, crisp day. There's something so peaceful, magical, beautiful about it. Clear skies, and bright sunshine. 

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My 2017 Inspiration

If you know me, you'll know I love a good inspirational quote. I love posting them on my bedroom wall, and I have this one wall in my bedroom which is my inspirational wall. I like to update these regularly throughout the year, depending on how I'm feeling. I've got three main quotes put up for the beginning of the year. 

Why I Love The Disney Live Action Remakes

I actually love the Disney Live Action remakes. I know a lot of people are like "Why are they remaking such classic films? It's not going to work!", but honestly they really do work. It's like a whole new way of telling the story, or even a whole new way of telling a different perspective of a story. When Alice in Wonderland was coming out, I didn't think Oh No! Why are they replacing such a classic movie? I thought, Omg. Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Alan Rickman. Helena Bonham Carter & Stephen Fry in a film together. A film by Tim Burton. I loved it. It was so different to the original Disney movie, in a fantastic way. I think you have to try not to compare it to the original, and see it in a whole new light.

The remakes are really working. After Alice in Wonderland, came Malificent, a completely different tale. Showing the 'villians' side of the story. It was so different, so much more magical and modernised compared to the original Sleeping Beauty. That's another fantastic thing about these live action remakes, it gives the opportunity for expanding the canvas, new settings, new theories, new plots. I love Malficient, I loved the new take on the story. 

With the new technology we have nowadays, there is the ability to make the films look more believable, more realistic. Even crazy, weird realistic like Alice in Wonderland. But just take a look at The Jungle Book. My favourite remake so far, how incredibly realistic are the animals, the setting?! It's crazy. I absolutely love this movie, and I honestly thought I would hate it. The original Disney Jungle Book was one of my favourite films, with some of the best songs. The way I see it is, it's a different film. You don't have to compare them, just appreciate them both in their own ways!

Aside from Beauty & The Beast, there are so many live action remakes rumoured to be in the pipelines too. MULAN! (One of my personal favourites), The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Cruella (based on Cruella's character on 101 Dalmations), Snow White & even Aladdin! I'm SO excited. 
I've asked a few bloggers their opinions on Disney Live Action remakes, and their responses are surprisingly positive!

"I love them as I love seeing the costumes and sets brought to life. I also like it when they add a little more to the storyline that we didn't find out in the original. I particularly liked Malificent and I hear that Mulan is coming out which I can't wait for as it's my favourite Disney movie." Nadine @ Then I Became Mum

"I loved Cinderella but cried most of the way through it. I think they could have made it less traumatic for me! Really looking forward to Beauty and the Beast - it's my all time favourite Disney animated movie so have high hopes for the live action version. Love Emma Watson too." Nikki @ Yorkshire Wonders

"Ooh I love them! So far Cinderella has been my favourite but I have no doubt Beauty and the Beast is gonna be amazing!" Jemma @ Mayflower Blogs

"The remake of Cinderella is my daughters favourite film. It's just so beautiful and the message it portrays, be kind and have courage, is everything I wish for my daughters." Laura @ Five Little Doves

"I loved the jungle book! My son also did, it's magic how they bring it too life, beauty and the beast is my favourite child hood Disney film so I am so excited about this! I'm on the fence with Cinderella as it wasn't really my cup of tea growing up anyway. My whole family loved jungle book though and has to be my favourite so far, could you imagine finding memo? Just loads of fish in a tank haha!" Paige @ Paige's Preferences

"I love them! I see them as a ' grown up' version of my childhood favourites! The costumes and cinematography have been incredible in the ones I've seen so far including the Jungle Book and Cinderella and I am incredibly excited to see Beauty and the Beast in March, the trailers have made me gasp with delight!" Jennifer @ My Mummies Pennies

"I love them, especially the jungle book, I think it opens doors to those who wouldn't normally watch them. Beauty and the beast is going to be wonderful. I think it allows adults to feel the magic where they may have lost it. " Rebecca @ Wishes & Wellies

What do YOU think about the Disney Live Action remakes?

Capturing Moments #13

Last week I decided to write up a plan of different places we want to visit this year! From casual days out to the beach, to more adventurous places like Longleat! For my little girl's birthday last week, we went on a casual trip out, to the local swimming pool! I braved taking my two little ones there on my own, and it was totally worth it. They were as good as gold, and had such a fantastic time! Have you been swimming recently?

My Scar Story

I have thousands of scars all over my body, and now I have the added bonus of stretchmarks! I also have quite a funny scar on my hip, from when I flew off a child's roundabout at a playground, when I was about 16! But today I am going to be talking about the large amount of small scars all over my legs.

❤ DIY Valentines Love Bugs ❤ {Kids Craft}

I wanted to do a cute, but simple Valentines day themed craft with my little ones, and I came up with these cute little critters - love bugs! They turned out pretty sweet, yet funny! They look like fuzzy little monsters with wings! They're bugs, trust me! Haha. 

Taking Little Ones Swimming

It was my little girlie's birthday last week, and as a special treat we decided to go swimming. (It may not sound like such a treat to you, but she was SO excited when I asked her if she wanted to go!)
There's not always a lot to do near where we live, and as it would just be the two little ones and I, so we couldn't do anything I'd struggle doing alone. I was a bit worried about taking them both when it was just me, but they were so well behaved.

My Sunday Photo #1

I am determined to take more photos this year. I didn't have a great camera last year, not even a phone, so I missed out on many photo opportunities! I am determined this year to be more proactive & snap happy! I have decided to link up with #MySundayPhoto each week, and share my photographs! Why don't you join in too? 

It may be out of focus, it may not be great quality, but this picture makes me happy. It was my little girlie's 3rd birthday, and we were having a little party. It was such a happy, lovely day. Those are my favourite kind of photos, reminding you of those little, perfect moments. 


Make It Monthly #1

Welcome to the first ever Make It Monthly Linky!
I am so excited! 

Make It Monthly is a craft/diy themed linky, a place to share all of your wonderful creations! Whether it's home decor, gifts, seasonal decorations, crafts with children - anything!

Films To Look Forward To (2017)

Last year didn't really impress me that much with the movies that came out. I loved the ones I was looking forward to, but apart from them, there wasn't really any that really stuck out in my mind. I am hoping this year is going to be a bit better. Once again, this year there are many sequels and remakes, but I am actually looking forward to quite a few of them! Here's to hoping they don't disappoint! 
Here's my list of the ones I can't wait to watch!

Capturing Moments #12

As you will have seen from our Bucket List 2017, it's our aim to get out and about lots of 2017.....not necessarily to places far flung, sometimes a local wander and a cup of hot chocolate is just as good in January! If you've been out and about this week, we'd love you to come and link up all those wonderful days out to Capturing Moments. 

The (Not Big Or Fat) Quiz Of The Year!

I was tagged by the awesome Laura @ Wafflemama to take part in this fun little quiz, to reflect on 2016 and celebrate the new year! I'm determined to make 2017 amazing!

Blogging Goals 2017

New year, New Goals. I am a huge advocate of writing down goals, as I find you are far more likely to reach them if you write them down. 

Places To Visit This Year!

Surely by now, if you've read my blog before, you know I am a huge fan of lists. I love lists. More than ever I love writing lists at the beginning of a new year. I thought I would do something a little different and write a list of places I want to visit this year! Unless we suddenly win the lottery, or acquire a ton of money this year I doubt we will go anywhere abroad, so these are mostly local places, some are specific, some not so specific. Let me know if you want to visit anywhere similar!

Make It Monthly Linky!!

That's right you guys. You read correctly. I am starting my own linky!!
It's going to be a craft/diy themed linky, a place to share all of your wonderful creations where it's home decor, seasonal decorations, crafts with children - anything!

It will hopefully be a fantastic opportunity for us all to share our talents, and spread the blogging love to one another. It will be a monthly linky, as, let's be honest..we don't always have the time to get busy crafting all too often, so I think monthly is a decent amount of time to get prepared.

I will also be picking my favourite post from those who link up, and they will be featured in my monthly round up post. I will of course be tweeting and retweeting all posts using the hashtag #MakeItLinky.

So I am writing this post to give you a bit of advance warning, get your craft hat on, and come & join the fun!

The first link up will be on 14th January!

Capturing Moments #11

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas & New Year! Did you do anything exciting? Family walks, days out, breaks? I am looking forward to reading about them...come and link up!

2017 Goals

I am a huge fan of creating goals. I love having something to work towards, and I always find it way more helpful having it written down. (I also find I am more likely to work hard towards these goals, when I have made them public, like so). I refuse to make resolutions because then when you don't do it on the 2nd of January, you feel like a failure, and what's the point in continuing. Where as setting goals is far more achievable, and much more fulfilling. 
So without further ado, here are my 2017 goals!
Create a better weekly routine
Go to bed earlier & therefore get up earlier!
Read more books (Aim for atleast one a month)
Eat healthier
Drink more water
Inspire others
Raise money for charity
Go on holiday
Have hair cuts regularly
Take time out for self. Switch off.
Continue education
Save a little every week
Spend more time outdoors
Declutter entire house
Be more social, for myself & for my little ones
Spend quality time with the OH
Spend quality time with my little ones
Learn something new
Stick to a proper night-time skincare routine

I know that's quite a lot of goals, but I do feel they are achievable. Some of them are ongoing things, a few are one off things, and a few are more..adjustments. I feel pretty confident I can do it!

Taking inspiration from Happy Mummy's post, make sure any goals you set are SMART. 

Also taking inspiration from You Baby Me Mummy's post of setting goals in 90 day chunks. I will be planning out how to achieve my above goals in 90 day segments.

Have you set any goals for this year?

Electric Jukebox {Review}

Electric Jukebox is a little gadget that plugs into your HDMI socket in your TV. It is essentially a jukebox for your tv, with over 29 million songs to choose from. It connects via your wifi and lets you play pretty much every song you can think of!

2016 in Review

2016, I will not miss you. It has been a rough year, for many people. To be perfectly honest I'll be glad when it's over. If you too feel the same as me, don't forget, 2016 wasn't all bad. 


Make 2017 amazing!