20 Ways To Embrace Spring Outside With Your Little Ones

Spring is here and that can only mean one thing, it's time to get outside! We love spending time snuggled up indoors, but getting outside, embracing the sunshine and getting some much needed Vitamin D is important too! 

20 Ways To Embrace Spring Outside With Your Little Ones

Whether you're looking for a creative activity to enjoy with your children, or an activity to perk you up a bit and make you smile. Look no further! All these activities can be done in any outside space, whether it's a patio or a huge back garden!

Plant Some Seeds
It's a great idea to encourage your little ones to be excited about gardening, and a fantastic skill for them to learn while they are young! Planting seeds is an easy gardening activity for children to be involved with too, and it'll help them develop responsibility and patience too!

Try Growing Your Own Food
As mentioned above, gardening is a great skill for kids to learn and enjoy! It's a fantastic zero waste habit to adopt, plus it's also been proven that children who have grown their own food tend to have a healthier attitude towards eating and nutrition too!

Have A Backyard Picnic
Put together a delicious picnic platter together, sandwiches, cake, fruit and veggies, fruit juice or even a flask of tea for you! Then grab a comfy blanket, some soft cushions and a few books or magazines! Have a picnic is always a far more exciting way to eat a meal, especially in your own back garden!

Draw With Chalk
Chalk is one of the best art materials to use during these warmer months. Your little ones can go wild, drawing some amazing masterpieces all over your patios or fences and you don't need to worry as it'll wash off easily in the rain! Allowing your children to draw outside gives them a real sense of freedom, plus allowing them to develop their creative and fine motor skills too!

Play Hopscotch
Hopscotch is such a classic, well known game but how many of us can actually say we've played it with our children?? It's really quite an educational game too, with maths, creative, physical and cognitive benefits! So grab the chalks and get hopping

Make Flowery Potions
Something I remember regularly doing as a child! Getting dirty and making lots of garden potions and food! Your little ones could make a cafe with their creations, or even magic up some spooky potions and cast some spells! The opportunities are endless and will provide hours of fun!

Bake Mudpies
Or if they prefer getting their handy grubby and really embracing nature, making mudpies, mudcakes or even mixing up a mud soup are all great opportunities for your children to develop their creative, imaginative and sensory skills! Plus, exposure to mud and dirt can actually improve your children's immune systems too.

Grow Cress Heads
Growing cress heads is such a fun and easy activity, and another fab way to introduce basic gardening skills to your little ones. It's a great way to teach them about science and growing from seed, not to mention - growing your own food! You can make cress heads in egg shells, using tights or even in yogurt pots!

Make A Bee Hotel
Spring is the most important time for bees, because they need to build up their strength after Winter & make lots of bee babies! I've got a fun tutorial here about making a safe & cosy Bee Hotel for our little stripey friends!

Go On A Nature Hunt
Give your little ones a basket, or even an empty egg box to go exploring and fill it with whatever beautiful natural items they can find! You could even go one step further and turn it into a scavenger hunt! Draw or print out a list of things they need to find, or even use colours! (Eg find something red, blue, green etc)

Practice Skipping
Learning how to skip with a skipping rope is a great skill for your little ones to learn, and it's really beneficial for them too in so many ways, physical, mental and social! So grab a skipping rope and show your kids how it's done!

Try A Spring Craft
How about celebrating the season by getting creative any trying a few cute Spring inspired crafts? I've got some easy ideas here that you wont need many supplies for either! From lanterns to finger puppets, you'll find something fun to make here!

Whip Up A Batch Of Spring Themed Play Dough
You cant beat homemade play dough! I've got a really easy recipe here, and by adding a few natural materials or essential oils you can make it wonderfully Spring themed too! 

Make A Bug Hotel
If your little ones love digging in dirt, looking for bugs or collecting natural items, they are going to love making an easy little Bug Hotel! Using things you'll find in your recycling bin as well as lots of natural items, this little Bug hotel craft is a great activity for encouraging your children to explore and develop a love for nature!

Paint With Natural Paintbrushes
Let your little ones go exploring outside in search of different natural items, with different textures, to be able to create their own natural paintbrushes! Using an elastic band, a stick and different items you can find to create a simple natural brush. Your little ones will have so much fun painting with new brushes and see what sort of textures and prints they can make!

Make Bird Feeders
Encouraging your little ones to have a love of nature and wildlife is always a good idea. We love making crafts together that help encourage all manners of beautiful wildlife into our garden, and if you do too, these easy peasy homemade bird feeders might be a fantastic activity for you all to enjoy!

Sit In The Sun & Make Daisy Chains
Making daisy chains is an activity all children should learn how to do! It's a quiet, relaxing, sensory activity and the perfect way to just sit back and enjoy the sunshine! It's also the perfect opportunity to enjoy some quiet time with your little one with no goal or rules in mind. 

Start A Nature Scrapbook
I remember making my own nature scrapbook as a child, and I loved it! It was filled with drawings, tree rubbings, feathers, pretty flowers and so much more! Why not try encouraging your little to start a nature scrapbook this Spring? It could be a great project for you to enjoy together, and could even be combined with other activities mentioned above - such as making daisy chains, painting with natural brushes or going on a nature hunt!

Play In The Rain
There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! All children love popping on their wellies and jumping in muddy puddles, so let them embrace it. After all, you can't beat rain falling on your face on a Spring day. It's a great way to de-stress and enjoy splashing in the puddles, as well as learning about the weather too.

Go On A Bug Hunt
Similar to the nature hunt mentioned above, going on a bug hunt is always fun for nature loving children. Whether it's digging for worms, lifting up logs or plant pots for woodlice, or even if you give them a checklist of bugs they need to find - however you decide to do it, it'll be great fun! Just make sure your children know not to harm the bugs and to put them back where they found them!

How do you like to spend time outside with your little ones?
20 Ways To Embrace Spring Outside With Your Little Ones

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