9 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Kids

9 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Kids

Earth Day is on the 22nd April every year. It's such an important date and the perfect time to teach our children about the importance of respecting, appreciating and taking care of our planet. Whether it's discussing climate change, talking about animals or even discussing how we can reduce our waste at home. Taking care of our planet is something we need to encourage our children to understand from as young age as possible, so they grow up with that same respect and kindness. So I've put together a few ideas of fun ways to celebrate Earth day with your children this year!

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Start A Garden Together

Getting out in the garden and planting some seeds or flowers together is the perfect way to kick off Earth Day! Being outside, embracing nature is so important for children and they'll love taking care of and watching their own plants grow and bloom! Plus, gardening is a fantastic skill for children to learn!

Grow Your Own Food

I mentioned above about planting flowers, but why not go one step further and try and grow some food too? It's a great way to help encourage your children to not waste food, as they have worked so hard and grew it themselves! Plus, you can grow many types of food from food scraps too! Win Win!

Try Cooking A Meatless Meal Together

We should all be trying to eat one meatless meal a week if at all possible, and there's no better time to start than now! Let your children help you to plan and prepare a delicious meat free meal for the family! (It'll again, help reduce food waste! If they make it themselves they are a lot more likely to eat it!) What about this delicious veggie lasagne or this yummy butternut squash risotto?

Spring Clean Their Toys & Clothes

It's the perfect time to get decluttering and spring cleaning! Why not encourage your little ones to get involved. Sort through all of their clothes and toys together and decide what to donate to charity. It's great to sort through things and have a good declutter, but it's a real fantastic idea to allow your kids to get involved and explain to them why they should give away some of their items to those less fortunate than them. 

9 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Kids

Learn About Recycling Together

Recycling correctly is hugely important when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. So why not encourage your children to get involved and maybe even put them in charge of sorting the recycling! (Perhaps they could earn pocket money or a sticker if you make it a regular thing!) Encourage them to watch this Peppa Pig episode and you could also print off these fab free worksheets to help them understand it a bit more!

Make Your Garden Wildlife Friendly

It's a fab idea to allow your little ones to develop and love of nature, and getting closer to your local wildlife by making your garden more wildlife friendly - whether it's welcoming birds, bugs or animals! You could try making bird feeders together, bee hotels, bug hotels or even starting a compost heap! 

Upcycle Your Recycling

It's time to get creative, reduce waste and get crafty with items in your recycling box! Whether it's washed out milk bottles, egg boxes, newspaper or toilet roll tubes! There is so much you and your little ones could make so let them use their imaginations and go wild!

Collect Rainwater

Today is the perfect time to teach your little ones about the importance of rain, water pollution and harvesting rainwater. Rain is such an important resource, so why not start by helping them make some cute rainwater collector jars, and once they've experimented you could even try a much larger scale water butt to harvest water for your family!

Watch An Earth Friendly Movie

Last but not least, why not end the day with a fun but still 'Earth Friendly' movie/tv programme! The Lorax is a great choice as it's about environmental issues in a positive, child friendly way. I would also recommend the large variety of child friendly, nature and animal documentaries on Disney plus!

What do you think of these ideas? How will you be celebrating Earth Day this year?

9 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Kids

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