The Lime Kiln Inn

For my Mum's & Aunty's Birthday last week, my family and I went out for a meal at The Lime Kiln Inn, Somerset. 
It's a traditional 17th Century Inn in the village of Knole.
Considering we had a meal during a weekday lunchtime, it was actually quite busy! The pub has a separate dining area though, so there was plenty of room for all of us. (11 of us!) 

The menu is very varied, with a lot of choice and reasonable prices.
I was very hungry, so I decided to go for the chicken breast, with BBQ sauce & cheese, with a side of chips, salad and coleslaw. (Don't judge me, I was hungry, and I love chicken & bbq sauce!)
All of our meals came out fairly quickly, and soon after one another which was great. 

Sadly, I was a little disappointed with my meal, I'm sorry to say.
When I started eating, I discovered that it wasn't chicken breast, but instead chicken pieces. The cheese on top had clearly been reheated too many times and the BBQ sauce was so runny! 
It drowned the whole plate including the salad, which I then could not eat. 
Apart from my meal though, I do know that the rest of my family enjoyed their meals!
My mum ordered the Ploughmans which came with two massive slabs of cheese. Mmm cheese!

The staff were very friendly and attentive, and the pub itself had a lovely atmosphere.
As I brought Baby Boo, and my other 2 year old cousin, they were just eating sandwiches.
They did make a lot of crumbs, of which we tried to pick them up, 
but we did apologise to the staff for the mess, and they didn't seem to mind. 
Unlike another pub we visited recently, when the staff got really cross at the mess they made! 

Another small criticism I just need to say, sadly the pub does not offer any form of baby changing space, not even a fold away table. I had to change Baby Boo on the bathroom floor. 

Apart from my meal, and the baby changing issue, we did have a lovely time.
The pub & staff are very welcoming, and I would like to go back soon.
(As long as Baby Boo doesn't need changing, and I order something else!)

Have you ever visited The Lime Kiln Inn?
Have you ever had any issues with baby changing facilities?

Easter Basket for One Year Old

I decided, for Easter this year I didn't really want to buy Baby Boo any chocolate. She's only one, and she doesn't need it! (Besides she'll probably get some from her grandparents!) I thought about making her an Easter Basket, and I scoured Pinterest for ideas, but all the ideas were aimed at older children. So I decided to just come up with my own! So here are my;

The basket is second hand, but it fits the purpose! :) For the grass in the basket, I simply used shredded tissue paper. Here's what I included in the basket;

1. Soft toy bunny
Sure she already has a lot of cuddly toys, but this bunny is just so cute & fluffy! There needs to be a little toy in there somewhere :)
2. Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt book
Like any little one nowadays, Baby Boo is obsessed with Peppa Pig. This little hardback book is full of bright images, and not too many words, so she doesn't get distracted when we read it!
3. Rabbit's Nap book
Another little hardback book. Baby Boo loves her books at the moment, so these are perfect. I love the books from Julia Donaldson & Alex Scheffler (The creators of The Gruffalo), and the illustrations are gorgeous, big and bright. Once again there is not too many words, so Baby Boo doesn't get distracted. 
4. Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs book
Another big & bright, colourful Easter themed book about what bunny rabbits do at Easter!
5. Bunny Ears
Because who doesn't love bunny ears?
6. Homemade Playdough
I made some pink & yellow homemade playdough, and popped it in these little tubs. You can find the tutorial here.
7. Jigsaw Puzzle
A little colourful, big & chunky easter jigsaw puzzle. It only has 24 pieces, and Baby Boo enjoys playing with puzzles at the moment.
8. Jellycat Bunny Bag.
Baby Boo has got to the age where she loves carrying around little bags, and filling them up with a selection of odd items! This bag is such a cute little Jellycat bunny, so perfect for Easter.
9. Colouring Book
Baby Boo has started scribbling with crayons recently. She's always asking to get them out. She does already have one colouring book, but this one is nice and Easter themed with large images.
I can't wait to see Baby Boo's face when she open this on Easter Sunday! :)

What would you include in an Easter basket?

Silent Sunday

Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mum ☼

I love reading Day in the Life posts, taking a peek into other people's lives, being a tad nosey.
So I decided to let everyone take a look into an average day in my life :)
Seven O'Clock
7:15 - Baby Boo starts to wake up, makes grumbling noises. 
7:30 - She wakes up properly now, hands me her empty drink bottle, and pokes me a few times until I wake up properly. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a one-year old?
7:45 Chill out in bed for a little while, (takes me a while to properly wake up, I am not a morning person!) 
Baby Boo decides its fun to take all the bedding away. Haha.
Eight O'Clock
8:00 Go to the bathroom, wash face & put on moisteriser. Take Baby Boo downstairs and pop the kettle on. Make tea & cereal for us two. Feed Cats.
8:15 Eat breakfast, Let Baby Boo watch Doc McStuffins , drink tea. Check emails, check blog, 
post updates to social media. 
8:30 More tea I think. I am not awake yet. Change Baby Boo out of Pj's.
8:45 Slump of the sofa until caffieine kicks in. Baby Boo decides it's fun to empty her toy box all over the floor.
Nine O'Clock
9:00 Get dressed, Brush teeth, do something with the birds nest on my head, put on make up. 
9:15 Tidy up living room. So. Many. Toys. Grab some dirty washing and pop it in the machine. 
9:30 Tidy up kitchen, pack away washing up. Tidy up living room again. 
Ten O'Clock
10:00 Pack away yesterdays dry washing. Hang up new washing.
10:30 I'm TIRED! "Me Too!" (I imagine Baby Boo saying this..haha) She generally starts to get grumpy at this time of day. 
Read some books, write shopping list. Decide what to do today!
Eleven O'Clock
11:00 Generally at this time of day, I go to the supermarket. 
Get something for tea, and general shoppingness like milk, washing powder, cat food etc.
11:45 Back home again. Start to make lunch. Plonk Baby Boo on the sofa with a few books while I make lunch. 
She moans and gets down. I'M HUNGRY!
12:00 Lunchtime. We generally just eat boring old sandwiches and fruit, sometimes we have soup! Haha
12:30 Clean up Baby Boo. Clean up all the food on the floor. 
12:45 Wash up, tidy up kitchen. Hoover downstairs.
One O'Clock
1:00 Put more washing on. Snuggly cuddles with Baby Boo.
1:15 Naptime. She willing gets into bed, but refuses to lie down. 
Gives all her toys a 'drink' and gives them goodnight kisses.
1:45 She's asleep! Yes! I go downstairs, put something lame on tv like Jeremy Kyle or last nights soaps. Make more tea. Finish writing a few blog posts, read other blogs, catch up on emails, take photos etc. Hang up new washing.
Three O'Clock
3:00 Baby Boo wakes up. Change her clothes, put my laptop, notebook, tablet, camera..everything away! 
Let her wake up properly. 
3:30 Playtime! We might do colouring, reading, playing with cuddlies, numbers & letters, painting or perhaps go to the park.
Five O'Clock
5:00 Tidy away toys. Put away clean washing, sort out clothes for tomorrow and Baby Boo's Pj's.
5:30 Start cooking dinner. Dither around the house, until tea time.
Six O'Clock
6:00 Dinner time. Baby Boo refuses to eat anything. 
By the time me and the boyf  have finished eating, she decides to start. 
Seven O'Clock
7:00 Wash up, tidy kitchen. Bath time for Baby Boo.
7:30 Pj's on. Need cup of tea. Take Baby Boo up to bed.
7:35 She fights it, gets grumpy. 
7:40 Gives all her toys goodnight kisses, and has to give each one a 'drink'.
Eight O'Clock
8:30 Catch up on social media, while sat next to Baby Boo waiting for her to go to sleep.
8:45 Realise she probably fell asleep ages ago, and go downstairs.
Nine O'Clock
9:00 Catch up on soaps, tidy up toys. Why is there always toys out?!
9:30 Probably have a snack, like a bowl of cereal haha
Grab a quick bath/shower. Put on Pj's. 
Check on Baby Boo.
Ten O'Clock
10:00 Pop on a movie, and sit down in front of my laptop.
Write some more posts, edit photos etc.
Eleven O'Clock
11:00 Chill out with the boyf. Watch something lame on tv.
11:30 Make tea. Get ready for bed. 
11:45 Finally get into bed!
Scour Pinterest, look at random websites on tablet in bed.
One O'Clock
1:00 Fall asleep. What have I been doing?!

What does your typical day look like?

Friday Favourites - Easter Edition






The Worst Parenting Advice

When you are expecting, there is nothing and no one that can prepare you for becoming a first time parent. 
But as soon as you showing a bump, the "advice" comes rolling in.
Parents-to-be soon find out that everyone and anyone, have super duper important words of wisdom they have to share. I have found out it doesn't stop once the little one is born, I still recieve it now, and my daughter is one. Most people mean well letting you know their experiences, but is does get irritating. 
Sure, some of the advice is useful, but sometimes it's just ridiculous.
Don't swaddle your baby!
Apparently you shouldn't swaddle your baby, 
because it'll cause their arms and legs to be deformed.
They can't stretch out and relax.
Swaddling has been practised for years, helps to keep baby warm and remind them of being in the womb. It helps them feel secure, so I'm going to keep doing it thank you.

Let your baby cry!
As long as the baby is fed & changed, then they are just moaning for attention.
They are just trying to manipulate you, so leave them to cry for as long as you can.
This is a horrible thing to do. I am not leaving my baby to cry thank you.

If your child starts biting, bite back!
If your little one is going through the biting stage, and won't listen to you telling them off,
when they bite you, bite them back! Sure, it'll hurt, but it'll teach them it hurts and not to do it again.
Excuse me, but I am not biting my child. No matter what.

Don't smother them.
You shouldn't cuddle them, kiss them or tell them you love them too often.
You're just spoiling them.
This advice literally makes me laugh. 
I will hug & kiss & tell my children I love them all day long.

Stop breastfeeding when your baby gets teeth.
It'll be uncomfortable for both of you, and you'll get bitten a lot.
I will continue feeding my children for as long as we both feel comfortable.
I may get bitten, but only by accident. I am not stopping because it's 'advisable'.

Sleep when baby sleeps
You'll be exhausted as a new parent, so you should always sleep when your baby is sleeping.
This is sort of good advice, but it's really annoying to hear repeatedly.
Most people cannot sleep when their baby sleeps, we have other things to do!

Dress your child gender-appropriately
Boys cant wear pink, purple, cardigans etc
Girls cant wear blue, green, shirts etc.
People need to be able to tell the difference, 
and you don't want the child to look silly or be embarrased.
It's annoying when people mistake your baby girl for a boy, sure.
But that's no reason to be so uptight. 
My daughter has some kick ass, green dinosaur pajamas!

What's some of the worst advice you have been given?

DIY Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are one of my favourite things to make, but I'm always scared how they'll turn out!
But so far, they've always worked, so I'll show you how to make them too!

You Will Need:
* 300g Bicarbonate of Soda 
(Sodium Bicarbonate)
* 100g Citric Acid
* 10ml Almond Oil
* Water in a spray bottle
* Scent (I used vanilla)
* Mould (Silicone ice cube trays or cake moulds work fine)
* Food Colouring
* Dried Flowers

1. Put on rubber gloves, citric acid stings! 
Sieve the bicarb & citric acid into a bowl.
Mix together well.

2. In another bowl with together the 10ml oil, a few drops of colour & fragrance

3. Add the oil to the powder & mix mix MIX! It might start to fizz so you have to be quick and just keep mixing! You can add your petals now if you're using them.

4. Spray the mixture with water and keep mixing.
Spray & mix, spray & mix.

5. You only want to get to the point where the mixture holds together 
when squeezed in your hand. 
If it fizzes too much or becomes sticky, you've gone too far! :P

6. Firmly fill up your moulds and smooth them over.

7. If you are using two mould's joining together, 
lightly spray once with water before you clip them together.

8. I left my bath bombs for 48 hours, and they were ready. But when I have made them before, I had to leave them for a week. So just keep an eye on them, and judge for yourself when you think they are ready! :)

Let me know if you try this!
I really hope you do, it's lots of fun! :)

Blog Love ❤

I decided I wanted to share a little blog love today.
I follow and regularly check quite a few blogs, so I wanted to share with you some of my favourites. :)
I feel like bloggers need to support fellow bloggers that they love a little bit more, 
It's always nice to show someone you appreciate them isn't it? 
Time to be a little bit of a fangirl...

I follow a few different types of blogs, but I want to share with you my favourite lifestyle blogs today. 

Wonder Forest
Dana's blog is one I have been following for a long time.
Ever since I started blogging in fact, or perhaps before!
She is such an inspirational lady, with many, many talents which she loves to share with her readers. Her photography is beautiful, her DIY's are to DI..E for! Haha.
Her blog is chockablok full of blog tips, advice and lots more.

Jemma is so talented, creative & just..lovely. 
She's only been blogging for a year, but she has come so far. 
You can often catch her blogging about crafts, life, her art, and general awesomeness. 
Check out some of her recent art here

Underland to Wonderland
Danielle's blog is fairly new discovery to me, but I do wish I had discovered it sooner. She's a really awesome blogger, and a teensy bit Disney obsessed (what's wrong with that?!) You'll find her blogging about a variety of things from photography, days out, tattoos etc. I especially love her recent series called 'Who Do They Think You Are'. 

Becky Bedbug
Becky's blog is another I have been following for a long time. 
She's one the most helpful, chatty and confident bloggers I have ever spoken to.
She's a total role model, an amazing individual.
She blogs about a wide variety of topics from fashion, to books, and fun filled adventures.
I love this recent post about World Poetry Day

Dungarees & Donuts
First things first. Olivia is lovely. I came across her blog because she decided to send me a super sweet, out of the blue compliment on twitter. ❤ I am so glad I discovered her & her blog because she is truely amazing. She posts about a variety of things from beauty, blogging tips & real life issues. 
I especially love her recent #sharelove campaign

Why don't you share some blog love?
What are your favourite blogs to follow?

Silent Sunday

Fun in the Sun! ☼

Spring is here! Now is the time to get outside with your children, whether it's in your own back garden or a local park, perhaps a woodland or field. Find somewhere fun to explore with your child! 

Whether you have a baby, toddler or a young child, there's plenty of fun to be had on your doorstep! I have come up with a few ideas for outdoor fun, for different age children.
Some are games I used to play, some I play with my little sister, and some I play with my little ones!

Friday Favourites






Happy Weekend!

Very Pinteresting!

I am currently obsessed with Pinterest, but who isn't?
I am always searching for new ideas, exciting people to follow, or funny things to read.

Literally I could keep scrolling and pinning, and scrolling and pinning all night!

You can check out my Pinterest here :)

At the moment, I am obsessed with collecting;
Cute Spring images!

Easter Egg Craft Ideas

Blogging Tips!

And of course, some pretty clothes :)

What are you currently collecting on Pinterest?

Pop your links in the comments! :)