Easter Egg Vase Craft

I've kept these dye pods from one of my previous crafts for the exact reason because I thought they were the perfect egg shape for doing some form of Easter craft! 

Easter Sock Bunnies {Kids Craft}

I've always loved the look of sock animals! They never look that difficult to make but they always look super cute! I thought a fun Easter activity idea would be to make some Easter Sock Bunnies! 

Easter Goodies From Home Bargains

8 Cute Easter Cards Your Little Ones Can Make

We absolutely love making homemade cards, and like to do it for any occasion! (I do feel a bit sorry for my family sometimes though, being given 101 cards! Haha). But it's a really fun activity to do with your little ones, and a great way to teach them about the special occasion. So as Easter is coming up, I wanted to share some fun cards that your little ones can make and give to their family & friends! (None of which are too complicated or time consuming) just a nice way to spend an afternoon, and get everyone excited for Easter!

Finding the Right Accommodation for Your Next Holiday as an Expectant Mother

Slimming Down With Shake That Weight

I've been gradually putting on weight for a good while now, then I lost quite a bit after my little girlie was born. Then I became pregnant with my little guy and the weight has just been piling on ever since. I definitely struggle with weight loss, mainly because of the fact - I like food! But it does make me upset, and really lowers my self confidence, so I decided it was definitely time for a change and I needed to give myself a kick up the bum and do something about it! 

My Sunday Photo #36 - Little Girlie

3 Pretty Spring Craft Ideas

When a new season arrives, I enjoy doing lots of fun crafts & activities with my little ones, but I also like doing some of my own crafts too. It's a nice way to spend an evening, and a great way to add a little seasonal decor to your home too! So why not put a Spring in your step today with these lovely seasonal inspired DIY's! {This post contains affiliate links}

Hello Spring ❀ {Spring To Do List}

Spring is officially here. {Well technically, although the weather might not agree at the moment!}. I'm getting so fed up of the wind, the snow, the freezing cold, unpredictable weather though! I'm welcoming Spring with open arms. 

Making Holiday Memories As A Family

When I was younger we used to go on lots of holidays, some really lovely places - for making lots of fun memories! From sleeping in a hostel in Berlin, to cruising on a Narrow boat to Nottingham, to relaxing at a hotel in Spain and sleeping in a log cabin at Disneyland Paris! But I wanted to share today, some lovely memories we have from our first holiday with our little ones!

6 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips - To help you get it done faster and more efficiently

It's time for some Spring Cleaning! Are you the type of person who decides to clean their house from top to bottom? Or perhaps you're a tad lazy, and like to do a little less than you probably could. I'm sharing a few quick tips to make the whole chore run smoother and help you clean up, spruce up and get your home in order!

4 Sweet Spring Inspired Crafts For Little Ones

I swear, we are doing everything we can to try to encourage Spring to finally arrive! (and then the snow came back...) So we decided it would be fun to prepare ourselves and get excited about the beautiful season that WILL be here any day now, by making a few cute Spring-inspired crafts! What makes these crafts even better is that you'll probably have most, if not all of the supplies in your home somewhere, so no need to go out and buy much. If you need some ideas for activities to do with your little ones during the upcoming holidays, then look no further!

6 Essential Things You Need To Know About Wills

What To Do In Somerset This Easter 2018

There are plenty of fun Easter events going on in Somerset this year! I thought there was loads on last year, but there seems to be so many fun events and activities this year, starting now! So wherever you are, and whatever you fancy doing, on any budget - there's sure to be something here you'd love! 

My Little Ones' Bedroom Makeover

My plan for this year is to sort out each room, update it a little and make it really feel like more like us, more individual, cosier and more comfortable with lots of personal touches. I wanted to start with my little one's bedroom. 

Fun New Reads From Scholastic Book Club

I absolutely love discovering and buying new books for my little ones. It's one thing I never mind buying as we read quite a few books together every day. I've been looking for exciting books for a while, and then I heard about Scholastic Book Clubs! Specific selections of children's books available at a discounted price for a limited time.
I am a big fan of Scholastic, and we always manage to discover fantastic new books to read, that end up being some of our favourites!

Mr Shahas Recipes For Wonder - Fun Science Experiments For Children {Book Review}

I love doing science experiments with my little ones. I never really enjoyed Science at school if I'm totally honest and I think that's partly to do with the fact that I just didn't find it fun and I struggled quite a lot. So I'm trying to encourage my little ones to enjoy experimenting and learning all about science!

My Sunday Photo #36 - Happy Mother's Day

Coding Girls Blogger Challenge

Seeing as it was International Women's Day a few days ago, I thought it was pretty apt to take part in the Coding Girls Challenge, inspiring children and teaching them STEM skills such as coding.

The challenge was set by Primo Toys, the educational toy company and creator of the Cubetto, a screenless, gender-neutral coding toy. 

Stickerscape Wall Stickers {Review}

I've been updating my little one's bedroom recently. I moved the furniture around (we do this in every room quite often!) and I wanted to add a few little touches just to make their room a bit more personal. I knew I wanted to put some kind of wall art on their big wall that was a bit empty, so when I was asked to review a gorgeous item from Stickerscape I knew their wall stickers would be perfect!

Happy Birthday Big Mac!

14 Inspiring Women Bloggers You Need To Follow

As it's International Women's Day, I thought an awesome way to mark the occasion would be to celebrate the amazing, inspirational and variety of women bloggers that are out there. From those who have started right at the bottom and made an amazing career for themselves, to those who share their real, raw stories and daily battles. Women bloggers are truly amazing and I want to show that admiration and acknowledgement today! (Note, men bloggers are awesome too but today is about these kick-ass women)! Here are a few of the many inspiring women bloggers out there!

Cardology Pop Up Cards {Review}

Cards can be something that are often forgotten, or not really thought about. Perhaps someone's birthday is coming up, or you've completely forgotten to get your mum a Mother's Day card - you might just quickly grab the first appropriate card you see, not really putting much effort into finding a card. But why not treat your recipient and give them something a little bit special, show them how much you care and give them a card they will remember & treasure!

Gorgeous Copper Homeware Gifts From Red Candy

Mother's Day will soon be here! If you are looking for a little something more than flowers and chocolates to give your mum this year, what better way to treat your mama, (or yourself!) this Mother's Day than to some gorgeous home decor items! 

8 Places You Need To Visit In Jamaica

My Sunday Photo #35 - Snow Days

Bringing A Fresh Outlook To Your Space With Artificial Plants

Make It Monthly #15

March is finally here! It means Spring is on its way. Even if it doesn't feel like it right now. (It's freaking freezing!) But cold weather is the perfect time to get out your craft supplies! It's time to share with myself and Kate your latest amazing creations!

Make It Monthly is a Craft/DIY themed linky, a place to share all of your wonderful creations! Whether it's home decor, gifts, seasonal decorations, crafts with children - anything!

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2018

Mother's Day is on the way! Instead of the normal flowers & chocolates, why not think outside the box and give something a little bit more special this year? But the question is, what exactly can you buy for the woman who has given you everything, done everything for you? Maybe your mum likes her home decor, perhaps she's a bit obsessed with cute stationery or maybe she's into gardening! Whatever your mama's interests are, there will sure to be something she'll love, here! {This post contains affiliate links}

Celebrate World Book Day With Fun Book Themed Activities!

Happy World Book Day! I bet many of you have been struggling to try to find costumes for your little ones for school? Maybe the teachers decided it would be a good idea to have a very specific theme, which your child has never read any of the books and you had absolutely no clue how to make a costume for it. Or maybe you even had to dress a potato?! (Yes, I've heard that's a thing now too) but for anyone like me, your little ones aren't at school yet so they don't have the joy of dressing up! 

So I thought, what better way to celebrate World Book Day with little ones than to do some fun book-themed activities! We've done quite a few book-themed activities in the past, so I thought I'd share them all with you today!