My Morning Routine - As A Work From Home, Homeschooling Mum

As a mum, our schedules and daily routines can be absolutely crazy! I honestly don't know how I would ever manage to get anything done if I didn't plan and follow daily routines. I am a work from home mum, as well as homeschooling our three children. I've figured out how to make it work, and as long as I roughly stick to a routine, as well as taking time off when I need it. 

My Morning Routine - As A Work From Home, Homeschooling Mum

7:15 - This is the earliest I will ever get up, I am no early bird! My littlest usually wakes up after hearing my alarm so she'll come in my room, dance to the radio or watch a TV programme on my phone. I will do my skincare routine and put on some make up (if I can be bothered!) I always find washing my face with cold water as soon as I get up really helps to wake me up. 

I'll normally just put on some concealer, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. 

My Morning Routine - As A Work From Home, Homeschooling Mum

- My littlest will go into her room so she can pick out what she wants to wear and will dress herself. I will wake up my older two and they will also get dressed.

7:40 - We will all head downstairs and I'll make some drinks while my three pop the TV on. I fill up my 1st bottle of water for the day and take my pills and vitamins. I take x2 Vitamin D & Calcium tablets, and x1 Multivitamin each day. 

I will also make myself and my husband a hot drink, I have tea, he has coffee. My little ones start off the day with a cup of fruit juice.

My Morning Routine As A Work From Home Homeschooling Mum

Next I'll start preparing breakfast. For my children I normally give them 'a main, a side of fruit, and a vitamin'. So for example they might have cereal, apple and strawberries and their multivitamin. (I buy the chewy, gummy vitamins so they just think they're sweets!).

I'm terrible when it comes to my breakfast, but cereal is my absolute favourite breakfast meal - in particular Honey Nut Cheerios!

8:00 - My little ones and I all head upstairs after breakfast. We will all make our beds and ensure our rooms are tidy. Teeth and hair brushed, and I will get dressed. I like to decide what I'm going to wear the night before, or else I would literally live in a jumper and leggings! Haha.

My Morning Routine - As A Work From Home, Homeschooling Mum

While I'm upstairs I will also try to give the bathroom a quick tidy and wipe.

8:30 - We will all head back downstairs again! My three get some free time for half an hour to do what they want. I'll try to set up some activities for my youngest that she could do unaided for the morning, normally things like a few pictures books, blocks, musical instruments or puzzles!

My Morning Routine - As A Work From Home, Homeschooling Mum

I am the absolute worst at letting kitchen mess accumulate, so by this point in the morning, it's already a mess! I'll spend 10 minutes or so, washing up, wiping down surfaces, clearing breakfast mess and putting on a load of washing. I'll also fill up a jug of juice and lay out some pre-prepared snacks so my three can just help themselves if I'm busy.

8:45 - Once the kitchen is all clean, I'll probably make another hot drink! 2nd cup of the day, I tend to use a massive mug for my first cuppa of the day, and a medium sized one for the rest of the day. Next it's time to set up my children's home learning activities for the day. I'll organise any worksheets, books and supplies needed for the mornings lessons.

My Morning Routine - As A Work From Home, Homeschooling Mum

While I have a few minutes before learning begin, I'll take 10 minutes to sit down, drink my cup of tea, go over my to-do list for the day (which I had previously wrote the night before). I'll edit it if needed too. I will also use this time to check and see if I have an urgent emails to respond to. I'll also have a super quick browse on social media.

9:00 - My three children are homeschooled, and at 9am school is in session. We usually start with a few fun, easier activities like a puzzle, colouring or a game, then we get stuck in with some sit down work. I'll get some "work" for my little one too, as she loves to join in! Often some finger painting, colouring or stickers!

My Morning Routine - As A Work From Home, Homeschooling Mum

10:00 - It's break time, so I will take some time to check my emails again, respond to any social media comments, publish posts for the day or any other quick blogging tasks I can get done. 

10:30 - It's back to school now, we will read books together and focus on our topic work - preferably a project or a craft activity of some kind!

My Morning Routine - As A Work From Home, Homeschooling Mum

11:45 - Time to prep lunch. I am terrible and so unimaginative when it comes to lunchtime. We more often than not have sandwiches, wraps or something on toast. With 5 people to make lunch for, it takes a while and I'd always rather just whip up something easy.

And that's how my morning typically goes. It's all quite rushed, but I'd rather get as much done as I can in the mornings, so I can slow down a little bit for the rest of the day. 

I tend to spend a couple of hours in the afternoon and the majority of the evening getting some work done. I'll also try to take some time out for myself, or maybe watch some TV.

What does your morning routine look like?


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My Morning Routine - As A Work From Home, Homeschooling Mum

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