The GoodFather - Parenting Book Written For Dads, By A Dad

You may remember a while back I had a guest post written for me, all about an upcoming book release - a different sort of parenting book. The author himself wrote the guest post for me explaining a bit more about the book - The GoodFather. A Parenting book written for dads, by a dad. 

Why a Pregnancy Diary Can Help First Time Mums

When asked, nearly all of new mums who had not kept a pregnancy journal say that they regret not doing so. For some women, with so many pregnancy preparations already in full swing, taking on yet another task seems a step too far.

Black & Gold Tabletop - Autumn Trends

One of my favourite things to do is update my home and interiors for the changing seasons. In my personal opinion, Autumn is the best season. The beautiful colours, wrapping up warm and cosy, good food and great company. When decorating and updating my home for the upcoming season, I feel like it's all about bringing the outdoors in. I have been working on a Black & Gold Table Setting that is perfect for Autumn - in collaboration with Wayfair.

1 Year Anniversary - Paper Themed Gift Ideas

It was our 1 year wedding anniversary recently! Well, by the time this post is published it was actually yesterday! Time goes by so fast, and I can't believe I've been married for a year! It's been a good year though. I've always loved the idea of those 'traditions' when it comes to wedding anniversaries. Paper, Cotton...Crystal..Bronze etc. I love the more modern lists too such as Clocks, China & Glass. I really wanted to stick to this tradition for our anniversaries but coming up with ideas can be difficult! So for our first anniversary, I wanted to give a gift along the 'Paper' theme, and I decided to compose a list! Partly to help myself, and partly to inspire other future married couples! 1 Year Anniversary - Paper Themed Gift Ideas.

My Sunday Photo #29 Happy Anniversary!

One year on today! It was really such an amazing day, I loved every minute. 
Happy Anniversary Husband!

Taking A Creative Writing Course From NCC Home Learning

I strongly believe we should all keep learning, keep educating & teaching ourselves throughout life. It doesn't just stop when you leave school or college. Life is all about experience and learning new things. Continuing your education and learning is always exciting and the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to increase your skills, improve your health or express your creative side there is so much helpful material online, have you ever thought about taking an online course? I recently signed up for a creative writing course from NCC Home Learning

Encouraging Your Little Ones To Keep Fit & Healthy

There are always times when it’s a challenge to get your little ones off the sofa, and tear them away from Peppa Pig, to do some exercise and physical activities. However, your kids will lead a much healthier lifestyle and burn off all that excitable energy (that you don’t want around bath and bedtime), if they’re doing regular exercise. It can be a bit of trial and error regarding what your children will enjoy doing, but the sooner you encourage them to get stuck into something, the better their health and wellbeing will become. The following are some ideas for busy parents who want to incorporate some activities into their little one’s routine and ensure they’re as fit and healthy as possible.

Barleymows Maize Maze & Farm Shop

We are always looking for new places to explore, and new places to visit with the family. Something that I remember doing as a child, and really wanted to do again as an adult - was visit a Maize Maze. It might sound silly but they really are so much fun, and definitely not just for children. We found out that there was actually one fairly near to us in Chard, so we had to visit!

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are the foundation for every bone and organ in your body! There are lots of different types of stem cells, that come from different places of your body or are formed at different times throughout your life. Did you know that it is possible to donate stem cells, and potentially save someone's life?

Book Of The Month - Goldilocks & The Three Bears

Book Of The Month is where my little ones & I focus on one book each month, read it, watch it (if possible) and do fun activities based on it! We decided to go for a bit of a classic this month, but we love it nevertheless - Goldilocks And The Three Bears! My little ones & I are really enjoying reading the good old fairy tales at the moment. We have a book of classic fairy tales for little children, as well as a lot of the ladybird fairy stories. (Did anyone else use to collect them?) So what better way to celebrate the classics than doing fun activities based on one of them

Sylvanian Families Toy Poodle & Candy Wagon {Review}

Sylvanian Families are the most beautiful toys. They're iconic, nostalgic and I bet you had a few sets when you were little! I know I did, including the Hedgehog family that I loved! The characters and families are so sweet, so loveable. The buildings and accessories are all so beautifully designed and detailed. Every single item is a treasure. 

DIY Home Improvement Ideas To Update Your House

We'd all love to improve our homes, wouldn't we? There's always something you wish you could do, or create the home you could only dream of. But improving and updating your home doesn't have to cost a fortune. With a few little tricks, licks of paint and touches here and there can really make a huge difference. You don't have to completely rip out a room and start from scratch and it doesn't have to cost the earth. Whether you are looking to create the home you have always wanted, or perhaps you want to add value to your property, these DIY Home Improvement Ideas To Update Your House will surely help you along the way.

Protecting Bottoms With Bepanthen {Review}

Finding the right products for your little one's bottoms is essential for ensuring their little behinds don't get sore and stay baby skin soft. Making sure you use the right nappies, wet wipes and nappy cream are all important. Some nappies that work for some, might not work for others. Some prefer fragrance-free wet wipes, or even good old cotton wool & water. One thing that should help protect little baby bottoms against nappy rash - is Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment.

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up {Guest Post}

“Sometimes down but never out” - 7 reasons why you should never give up
Does anyone else have days like this? Days where you feel like you’re running uphill in treacle and there’s no end in sight? Days where your ‘to do list’ is longer than your arm and you find the milk in the washer and socks in the fridge? Days when you’re just about keeping your head above water and close to giving up?

DIY Snail Settlement

Are your little ones obsessed with bugs? Do they love searching the garden for them, picking them up and observing them? Why not create a little temporary home for some bug friends with a DIY Snail Settlement? Give them a chance to watch the snails, how they behave and what they eat - close up, but without physically touching them. No one wants that snail slime on them! Bonus for parents, it means that the little ones will help clear your garden of the snails, and stop them eating your plants!

Aldi Baby & Toddler Event is back!

Starting tomorrow (17th August) Aldi's hugely popular Baby & Toddler event returns to UK stores! There is a fantastic selection of products and new launches available at unbeatable prices for your little ones!

Little Red Riding Hood Playset from SRI Toys

Wooden toys are just the best, aren't they? If we could swap every noisy, plastic rubbish toy in this house for beautiful wooden ones, we definitely would. There's just something so special about wooden toys. They look so much nicer, they're safer, better for the environment too. That's why I was so excited when we were given the opportunity to review a gorgeous wooden playset from SRI Toys. 

9 Ways To Exercise Without Breaking The Bank

I am always jealous of the people who can afford a personal trainer, fitness equipment or even a gym membership. But if you think that's the only way you can really exercise, you're wrong. Use every opportunity you can to do a bit of exercise & get outside more! So here are 9 Ways You Can Exercise For Free.

My Sunday Photo #28 - Twins?

We've actually been away this week, so I've got a lot of photos to sort through! We went to Weymouth, and it was our first ever family holiday. We definitely needed it, and it was a lot of fun! This is a photo from a visit to our local park, the day before we went away. I really like it, as the little ones are having a lot of fun, and I think they look like twins! That wasn't on purpose!

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Make It Monthly #8

Welcome back to the Make It Monthly Linky! Starting this month, I have an amazing co-host joining - Kate from Meals & Makes! She shares lots of delicious recipes, and loads of fun crafts, and was a regular link-er before joining me to host! Make It Monthly is a craft/diy themed linky, a place to share all of your wonderful creations! Whether it's home decor, gifts, seasonal decorations, crafts with children - anything!

The Good Egg Card Challenge - A Social Kindness Game {Review}

Performing acts of kindness are just something we should all be doing - all the time. Wherever and whenever you can, it's nice to be nice and helping others is such an important way to make a difference. Anything, big or small - we can all help in our own little ways. I try to to do as much as I can to help others, to be kind, and to encourage others to do the same. That's why I fell in love with this fantastic card game I came across - The Good Egg. The Good Egg Card Challenge is a social kindness game and is all about taking up different challenges and making the world a better place, one little step at a time.

July In Review 2017

Can you believe it's August already? AUGUST! The 8th month of the year, only a few more to go and it'll be Christmas! Isn't that crazy! July was all in all a pretty good month, and the weather was pretty damn good too! Shame about August though. The sun always tends to disappear over the Summer holidays, doesn't it?! I've been busy working away behind the scenes of this blog over the past month, and it's really starting to pay off. I feel like I'm finally heading in the right direction, and I know what I want to do now, and how to achieve it! How was your July?

Learning To Love Yourself {Guest Post}

Hi I’m Alex and I blog over at I’m a mum and wife and a lover of travel, good food, great beer, red lipstick, new shoes and getting creative. I’m here today to talk about ‘Self Love and Learning to Love Yourself’.
STOP! Before you cringe and run screaming in the other direction this is not some dodgy sex ed class you were forced to sit through at secondary school and neither is it some hippy-cheese-fest! Now that’s out of the way, get yourself a cuppa and have a read.

Fingerlings Baby Monkey {Toy Review}

Fingerlings are cute little interactive baby monkeys, who cling on to your finger! They animate and move, responding to your actions and movements, making over 50 different sounds. We were really given the opportunity to adopt our own little baby fingerling. 

My Dream Horse with Petplan

We were recently given the opportunity to work on a lovely collaboration with Petplan, inviting my little ones to imagine & draw their 'Dream Horse'! 

My Sunday Photo #27 - Summer Holidays

We've been making the most of every second of sunshine we've had this week, as there hasn't been much of it! Hopefully, the sun comes out again when we go on holiday later this month! How are you all enjoying the summer holidays?

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WIN With Organix & The Gruffalo!

We are big fans of The Gruffalo in this house, as you might have guessed before! We are also big fans of Organix products, (especially their gingerbread men, I love them myself!). I often pop a few treats in my trolley for the little ones each week! 

7 Summer Crafts For Your Little Ones To Try

It's the Summer Holidays so it's time to get outdoors & enjoy that sunshine. No..wait. In the England we had a few days of Summer, and now a lot of rain to make up for it. So if you are stuck indoors with your little ones, trying to think of ways to keep them entertained - why not make some fun Summer Inspired crafts together? Grab the glue, paper, paint & googly eyes & lets get creative! 7 Summer Crafts For Your Little Ones To Try.

Gorgeous Nursery Prints From Tarquin & Troops

One of my favourite places in our house to decorate is the gallery wall in my little one's bedroom. I love it. All the pieces on display are beautiful, inspiration and fun. It's been looking the same for a while now and I haven't added anything, so what better way than to add a few fun animal prints! I even let them pick the ones they would like.

Is Your Home Safe For Your Little Ones?

I always worry about my little ones hurting themselves. I mean you do as a parent don't you? You try not to wrap them in cotton wool, but you also want to prevent any bumps, bruises or injuries! No one can make their home completely child proof, but they are a few things we can all do make it just that little bit safer. Is Your Home Safe For Your Little Ones?