8 Frugal Ways To Spend Halloween With Your Little Ones

Halloween is finally here! We've been celebrating it since last week (our house has been decorated since last monday)! I haven't taken my little ones trick or treating before, I feel like we live in the wrong area, and they go to bed pretty early anyway - so that's out of the question at the moment. So if you are looking for fun & frugal ways to celebrate Halloween with your little ones, then look no further as I have a few ideas! 8 Frugal Ways To Spend Halloween With Your Little Ones.

Gingerbread Pumpkins & Spiderweb Cakes {Halloween Treats}

On Saturday we had our annual 'Halloween Party'. It really just means my little ones, myself and my siblings get to dress up, eat too much junk, dance to silly Halloween songs and play fun party games. It's an easy way to celebrate Halloween with the little ones, without going over the top or having to spend very much. For this year's party, I decided to bake a few treats for us all. I've recently been experimenting with different gingerbread recipes, and I finally found one that tastes just right! So I'm sharing some fun Gingerbread Pumpkins & Spiderweb Cupcakes today!

Book Of The Month - Room On The Broom

Book Of The Month is where my little ones & I focus on one book each month, read it, watch it (if possible) and do fun activities based on it! As it's Halloween, we decided to go with a slight Halloween theme, and by our favourite author & illustrator too, the amazing book - Room On The Broom!

How Can You Reflect Your Personality Within Your Interior Design?

30 Genuinely Scary Movies To Creep You Out This Halloween

I love my scary movies. Since having children I've become a bit more of a wuss, but I still love to watch them now & again. What better time to watch a movie that'll really freak you out, than Halloween! I've compiled a list of 30 Scary Movies To Creep You Out This Halloween! (I'm writing this post in the middle of the night, sat in the dark and I really wish I wasn't!).

The Discovery Adventures {An In-Car Experience From Land Rover}

Long car journeys can be difficult, especially when you've got children to keep entertained along the way. Music, books, films - they only keep the boredom at bay for so long. Land Rover have created The Discovery Adventures - downloadable podcasts that provide an exciting in-car experience for all the passengers. 

6 Easy & FREE Halloween DIY Decorations

Sometimes you want to celebrate the different holidays, decorate your home and enjoy yourself but you just don't have the money. Or perhaps you've left it a bit late and you don't have time to pop out and buy some supplies. I'm sharing with you today a few easy and free (or mega cheap) DIY Halloween Decorations you can make right now, with supplies you almost definitely already have! So you don't have any reason to not embrace the spooky season!

Easy DIY Paper Spiderwebs

My Favourite Movie Soundtracks

4 Halloween Crafts Your Little Ones Can Do

Halloween is nearly here, and as it's half term we needed some fun activities to pass the time. So I came up with a few Halloween themed crafts that are perfect for your little ones to do, without any adult help. (Well, not much!)

WOW Toys - Freddie Farm Truck & Pippa's Princess Carriage {Review}

My little guy is currently obsessed with toy animals, and my little girlie loves playing princesses (her dressing up box is overflowing)! So we were delighted when we got to chance to review a couple of super adorable toys from WOW Toys - Freddie Farm Truck & Pippa's Princess Carriage!

4 Autumn Leaf Activities For Little Ones

When Autumn arrives, one thing we love to do is go on nature walks. They carry their little baskets (yes they have baskets specifically for this reason!) and we collect all kinds of natural items. As it's been super windy recently, all the leaves have all of a sudden appeared on the ground so we collected loads of them! I came up with a few fun activity ideas for them to do with the leaves, and they are all activities they can do by themselves (without me butting in.) So today I'm sharing 4 Autumn Leaf Activities For Little Ones.

Christmas Gift Guide - Bloggers

Bloggers can be difficult to buy for. We are so different, completely different ideas, goals and lifestyles. I decided to put together a little, more general gift guide for bloggers - and I guarantee there will be a little something for every blogger you know (or perhaps to treat yourself!). Bloggers Gift Guide.  {This post contains affiliate links}

Goodlife Frozen Meals {Review}

We are a fussy lot in this household. I tend to cook the same meals every few weeks, and as a result of that - I have two very fussy eaters! I often struggle to get the little ones to eat vegetables and nearly always resort to hiding them somewhere in the meals. But when we were given the opportunity to try some new, healthy meals from Goodlife, I couldn't say no! It was a great opportunity to try some delicious new meals, and encourage us to eat a few more veggies! 

11 Feel Good TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

I am an official Netflix addict. I can easily go through a series every night, and I like to watch all sorts of different things. Movies, Netflix Originals, TV Shows. Some of my favourite things to watch lately have been Bates Motel, American Horror Story & more recently, Gerald's Game - but they are all a tad..creepy. Don't get me wrong I love watching creepy things, but afterwards, and probably for a few days I like to watch something nice. Something happy, a program that will distract you from being freaked out and will make you laugh. So I'm sharing some of my favourite feel good things to watch on Netflix. I highly recommend them all!

Personalised Birthday Parties with Dom & Geri

As I am actually very organised this year, and pretty much have Christmas sorted - we've started planning our little girlie's birthday party which is in January. There are just so many things to think about aren't there, when it comes to kids birthdays? Cake, decorations - a theme? Music, location, food. Not to mention the actual presents! A lovely company I have recently discovered - called Dom & Geri provide personalised products for your little ones birthdays. What better way to make your little ones feel even more special (they deserve it!) than to add a few personalised touches here and there!

My Sunday Photo #30

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Make It Monthly #10

Welcome back to the Make It Monthly Linky! With myself and Kate from Meals & Makes! Make It Monthly is a craft/diy themed linky, a place to share all of your wonderful creations! Whether it's home decor, gifts, seasonal decorations, crafts with children - anything!

Christmas Gift Guide {Preschooler's}

I am really getting in this Christmassy spirit this year! Yes, it might only be October but I am really prepared & organised this year! I can't wait for it to be December! Every year it can be a struggle to decide what to buy for the little ones. They change their minds throughout the year as to what they are in to and often ask Father Christmas for all the most expensive items. But I have found some adorable (mostly budget-friendly) items that would be perfect for any preschooler this Christmas and I'm sharing with you some of my favourite picks today! Preschoolers Christmas Gift Guide.

Magic Santa Letters {Review}

Writing letters to Father Christmas is such a special way to celebrate & encourage the little ones to get excited for the holiday - but what makes it even more magical is when they receive a response! Magic Santa Letter offer beautiful, personalised letters to be delivered to your child from Father Christmas himself. We recently received two wonderful 'Truly Magical' letters for my little ones. 

Lolly Stick Puppets {Kids Craft}

As you probably I love quick crafts. Things that don't take hours to do, especially when it comes to my little ones - they have very short attention spans when it comes to activities! Haha! So know the weather has changed, I needed to come up with some easy but fun rainy day activities! So we decided to make some Lolly Stick Puppets! 

VYTRONIX Compact Vacuum Cleaner {Review}

We go through vacuum cleaners like there's no tomorrow. I don't know why! We are always replacing them and buying new ones when they stop working or run out of oomph. It must be because of our messy children, and our cats but we seem to be forever hoovering! With the amount of mess we make, and the amount of time we spend using it - we need a powerful vacuum cleaner, that's easy to move around. I recently came across the VYTRONIX VTIBC01 1400w Compact Vacuum Cleaner* and we decided to give it a go.

DIY Indoor Herb Garden

Now that Autumn has arrived - leaves are falling off the trees, our gardens are not as bright and beautiful as they were a few months ago. What better way to bring back a little colour into your home than to plant an indoor herb garden. I absolutely love growing herbs in my windowsill, it's a lovely way to bring a little greenery inside and it's so handy to be able to just pick your own herbs while you're cooking! Today I'm going to share with you a great way to upcycle tin cans & make your own fun & bright indoor herb garden.

Creating A Cosy Guest Room For The Holidays

I absolutely love the idea of having guests to stay over the Christmas period. I know exactly how I would lay out the room, and all the little details I would add. (I plan these sorts of things in my head sometimes!). So I decided to share a few of the ways I would create a cozy guest room for the holidays.

The Times When Your Kids Need You The Most

Dribble Bubbs Snuggle Suits {Review}

The colder weather is on its way and that means warmer bedding, blankets, slippers & cosier pyjamas! My little ones always need to be wrapped up well at night and the heating in their room is pretty unreliable. I've been looking around for some snuggly sleepwear for them, and I'm a sucker for matching clothing on them - that's when I came across these amazingly adorable Snuggle Suits from Dribble Bubbs

September In Review 2017

Autumn is here! Autumn is the best! I love everything about it, if you haven't already guessed. We've really been embracing the changing seasons - decorating for Autumn, nature crafts & even preparing for Halloween! Yay! My little ones have been settling in well to nursery, it's so weird having time alone at home! But they are really enjoying it, and they get upset the days they don't go!

3 Everyday Attempts at Mimicking Nature

Personalised Gifts From Maria Allen Boutique {Review}

It's already October, which means...Christmas is coming! I've been super organised and I've already got quite a few gifts ready to wrap and others that I know what I need to buy, just haven't found the time. Some of my favourite gifts to give our personalised gifts. I love them. There's just something so special about them isn't there. So when I came across Maria Allen boutique, I couldn't resist a couple of items.